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Februar 28, 2010

Kaum angekommen und schon wieder auf dem Sprung


Februar 27, 2010

We’re only welcome for our drink and smoke

A song from one of my all-time favourite albums but a song which in comparison to most others from that record to me always seemed less spectacular, less immediately appealing, less lovable. But it perfectly encapsulates the sound of that album which is so relaxing and so warm. An album about searching a home when travelling. And only finding it on the road itself. The bass contributes a lot to this laid-back atmosphere, the bassist had found a unique way to make an electric instrument sound human. Unfortunately this was one of his last works.


Februar 26, 2010

We don’t need to argue
We just need each other

In a day, a second there was a song of this supergroup before. From the same eponymous debut album. This track is even stronger than that first choice. What a staggering dance groove. If you are able to refrain from moving your hips to this music chances are high that you are already dead. The funky keyboard, the hopping beats, the glistening guitar. And somehow this track manages to get even better near the end, when the keyboard starts reverberating and totally takes off into psychedelic wonderland in the instrumental coda. I really love those throwaway lyrics as well by the way. How could anyone not be moved by the naïve and the innocent?


Februar 25, 2010

I believe in love, I’ll believe in anything
That’s gonna get me what I want and get me off my knees
Then we’ll burn your house down, don’t it feel so good

This song is like an Irish Coffee. It warms you from the inside. Today I had my first day in the new Berlin office of my employer. And the sun was melting away the ice on the pavement. Yesterday morning there was still some snow falling and today it seemed as if spring had chased winter away. A good omen for my new life, I’d say.


Februar 24, 2010

This is a crisis I knew had to come
Destroying the balance I’d kept
Moving around to the next set of lives
Wondering what will come next

In my book they were the greatest of all rock bands. And live they were even more amazing than on the two albums they released. This song was played at the band’s last concert. You will probably know what happened after, if not read that last verse and it should be pretty clear. The singer’s delivery here is rather reserved, his voice is neither exaggeratedly low (in graveyard mode) nor does he shout like on many other songs. He has made a decision and he has found his peace. Besides him there are the two string manipulators. For once the bass is not playing lead, he takes himself back as well. A pounding background noise in the lower registers, that is all what is left of the bass here. And the electric guitar? Is adding little sketches of noise and slash, is not too prominent neither. How come that this song holds together despite all these instruments fading away into the off? It’s because of the drums which are very much upfront. They are played with a robotic precision and still they sound deeply human. They sound serious and powerful in contrast to the cartoonish and flat drum machines. They are played by the programmer and not by the program. Near the end there is a hiccup of the drums in comparison to the other instruments. Or vice versa. But somehow the band can get back into groove soon. The name of the song could refer to a religious feast but I think it is a synonym of passage.


Februar 23, 2010

In my imagination,
You are cast in gold,
Your image a compensation for me to hold.

The last song from the debut of this duo which I think is the only band of the zero years that I am enthusiastic about. In the beginning I was skeptical as they were hyped as the forerunners of a new movement but then it clicked soon. Their understated style, stressing the single notes – the piano just plays four notes over a period of 15 seconds in the beginning – proves my old belief that „less is more“. The slowly strummed amazingly natural sounding and resonating rhythm guitar gives this song a timeless quality, the singer seems to whisper not to wake someone up. There is this soothing effect on the listener like in a lullaby. After the first verse, the guitar melody can blossom slowly in all its melancholic beauty. In the next verse we realise that once again the instable state of love did not last for long. The notion that the two lovers who have quit each other are like parallels from now on and will never meet again but will always be close is an idea I can sympathise with a lot.


Februar 22, 2010

Lovers kneel by the roadside in pools of broken glass
Gator tails fly like black angels from the wheels – as they pass

That oriental riff totally bewitches me. I feel like being hypnotised by a snake charmer. But unlike the dancing snake I am transfixed. The riff goes straight to my head. And then this incredible voice which makes Tom Waits sound like a show-off. Usually I don’t like heavy music but here it works. At the end the singer introduces the next song in the live set by saying what it is about. This band has got a soft spot for hallucinogenic substances combined with sexual allusions of the phallic kind. Guess what their name stands for!


Februar 21, 2010

I’ll think of you always
For you know it as well as I
That for you I would have died
and would still die

Yesterday I thought that winter was over as most of the snow had melted. Last night I saw a dark, low hanging cloud cover in the evening sky though and thought that we would have some rain today. But this morning everything was white again, huge, wet snow flakes were falling down and shortly after 9 am most neighbours were shovelling the snow off the pavement.

Today’s song is a love song by an indie band which never really made it. They had one „hit“ which got some airplay in the British indie pop world. The B-side of that single is this little ballad on the unfulfilled love between the male singer-songwriter of the band and the female singer. From the second verse on they duet here. This song – as most of said band’s œuvre – has got an innocent, naive and sentimental touch to it. An understated, wistful guitar melody opens the song which is about a love which was not meant to last. The man and the woman have to go different ways and they both seem to have accepted it.


Februar 20, 2010

Hype Real Estate

Nix dazugelernt oder Jedes Zocken hat ein Ende

Februar 20, 2010

Den Inhalt dieses Artikels muss man sich auf der Zunge zergehen lassen. Die Hypo Real Estate, die es nicht mehr geben würde, wenn der Staat – und damit wir Steuerzahler – ihr nicht Garantien von über 100 Milliarden Euro gegeben hätte und die seit Oktober letzten Jahres verstaatlicht ist, hat – mit unseren Garantien – von März bis September für mehrere Milliarden Euro Forderungen gegenüber Griechenland eingekauft. Die schlafmützigen Landesbanken (LBBW, BayernLB) sind natürlich auch wieder mit von der Partie. Diesen Dilettanten sollte man die Geldanlage verbieten. Denn inzwischen wetten die Spekulanten auf eine Staatspleite von Griechenland. Die Finanzmärkte werden uns alle auffressen, wenn der Spekulation nicht bald ein Riegel vorgeschoben wird. Lippenbekenntnisse tun es nicht mehr Obama, Merkel und Konsorten. Noch nicht mal eine Spekulationssteuer haben die bis jetzt auf die Reihe gekriegt. Jetzt muss endlich Butter bei die Fische. Sonst geht der Kapitalismus genauso unter wie der Kommunismus vor 20 Jahren. Das wird dann aber keine Implosion sondern eine Riesenexplosion. Am Ende einer Zockerkarriere steht immer der Bankrott.

Man muss sich das nochmal verdeutlichen, die Banken werden mit hunderten von Milliarden rausgeboxt aus der selbst verschuldeten Pleite und werden dann auch noch dafür belohnt, indem ihnen keine Finanzmarktsteuer aufgebrummt wird. Damit sie schön weiter mit fremdem Geld spekulieren können. Die Steuern kann man sich ja beim Bürger holen, der ist so blöd und zahlt alles. Und geht inzwischen ja nicht mal mehr zur Wahl, wo es im Grunde auch gar nichts mehr zu wählen gibt.

P.S. Es wird gerade ein 25 Milliardenpaket von der EU für Griechenland geschnürt, davon 5 Milliarden aus Deutschland. Mit der üblichen Begründung: Deutschen Banken droht sonst der Bankrott. Dabei wird es bestimmt nicht bleiben, sag ich mal. Somit werden also auch die Griechen dafür belohnt, dass sie über ihre Verhältnisse gelebt haben. Und jahrelang gelogen noch dazu. Deswegen werden sie jetzt ganz bestimmt sofort anfangen, zu sparen und uns die ganze Kohle schnellstmöglich zurückzahlen. Da lachen ja die Hühner. Die wären ganz schön blöd, wenn sie das machen würden. Das Schlimmste ist ja auch noch, dass viele Leute meinen, Merkel & Co. würden uns gut durch die Krise führen.