Heaven bless you in your calm
My gentle friend

This is the band that became more and more quiet with every album until they arrived to the silence which they haven’t broken for almost twenty years now. I would still not know which genre name this piece would fall under, it is neither rock, nor jazz, nor classical, nor world but it has something of all four. Just thinking of it, they were actually the band the term post-rock was coined for at the time. Something is for sure, this is very organic chamber music (it’s not by chance that all instruments are acoustic) and it has a spiritual vibe to it. Especially the way they use pauses and simple tones has always captivated me. There is also an improvisational feel to it, there are some dissonant parts which do not sound disharmonic any more to my ears after many times of listening. There is no band which has ever successfully continued what this band has accomplished and I don’t think I am the only one to hope that they will return one day. They – and especially their singer – are the Messiah of pop music.

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