In my imagination,
You are cast in gold,
Your image a compensation for me to hold.

The last song from the debut of this duo which I think is the only band of the zero years that I am enthusiastic about. In the beginning I was skeptical as they were hyped as the forerunners of a new movement but then it clicked soon. Their understated style, stressing the single notes – the piano just plays four notes over a period of 15 seconds in the beginning – proves my old belief that „less is more“. The slowly strummed amazingly natural sounding and resonating rhythm guitar gives this song a timeless quality, the singer seems to whisper not to wake someone up. There is this soothing effect on the listener like in a lullaby. After the first verse, the guitar melody can blossom slowly in all its melancholic beauty. In the next verse we realise that once again the instable state of love did not last for long. The notion that the two lovers who have quit each other are like parallels from now on and will never meet again but will always be close is an idea I can sympathise with a lot.

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