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Februar 1, 2010

To lay underneath the red sky there

Tom Ewing, the person who started the wonderful music forum I Love Music about ten years ago has kicked off another project on 1st of January called It Took Seconds where he posts a song a day and writes about it. Nothing special really but there is a twist to it. He started with a track which was 6 minutes and five seconds long and he intends to finish on December, 31st with a one second piece. Each day he is going to lose a second. A lovely idea which I would like to take up. I am a month late so I start with 5 minutes and thirty-four seconds. I will neither name the artist nor the name of the song, of course you are all invited to guess or discuss about what I have posted if you like.

The band behind this song found a magic recipe. But unlike the alchemists formula of how to turn shit into gold theirs actually worked. They managed to create blissful melodies out of guitar noise. Who could have thought before that there is so much beauty hidden in distorted guitar feedback? Behind all those layers of mist there is a fuzzy ray of sunlight warming the heart. I was listening to the album this is on at carnival 1992 on my car hifi when a love was lost and I was driving by night through an impermeable fog with my VW Golf from Trier to Luxembourg. I was doing an average of 30 km/h, instead of half an hour it took me two hours. The slowdown, the poor view and the blurred music fused to something strange, something out of this world. I stopped and only listened to the music inside the car. I gave up all hope to ever arrive at home again. Somehow I got there in the early morning just before dawn but I don’t think I would have made it without this tape on repeat.