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Februar 4, 2010

Some days you waste your life away

This is not a fun song. It may well be a love song though. It captures a band in metamorphosis, a band which had to reinvent itself as its leader had abandoned the ship, a band in between post punk and electro pop. The song is build on an intricate bed of rhythm which is provided by the drums coming from all directions. After a while they accelerate and the song gets more and more menacing and moves up to a higher level. It is like a lift to heaven. After the earthly toms, the ringing guitar dominates now. In the middle the song suddenly fades out in a synth tone for a while. There is a pause where everything literally hangs in the air. The tension is mounting and is then relieved by the bass playing that little riff dominating the song. The drums, guitars and synthesizer join in as well and end the song on a firm base. This is from my favourite album of the reborn band. Later on they changed the heaviness for the lightness and became the electro dance band it was okay to like.