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Hello everybody

Februar 17, 2010

Hi James,
Hi John,
Hi Robert,
Hi Michael,
Hi Mary,
Hi William,
Hi David,
Hi Richard,
Hi Charles,
Hi Joseph,
Hi Thomas,
Hi Patricia,
Hi Christopher,
Hi Linda,
Hi Barbara,
Hi Daniel,
Hi Paul,
Hi M.,

Thank you very much for checking my blog.

P.S. Those are the 17+1 most popular names and 18 is the number of visitors I had today. I cannot say how glad I am that this has not turned into an unpersonal, anonymous place yet. Additionally this means that the three digit growth rates are still ahead. We are about to rock the web. Yay!

There are still almost twenty minutes to go, so I say some more Hi’s, either for today or for tomorrow. Thanks for listening and reading!

Hi Mark,
Hi Elizabeth,
Hi Jennifer.

audio poll

Februar 17, 2010

C. complained about problems with the audio on the blog due to very slow loading. I created a little poll for this:


Februar 17, 2010

I’m in the hands of fate
I hand myself
Over on a plate

After the first 20 seconds or so for a wink I thought this was a different band, also British, also synthpop and also 1980s. But that band has more of a playful melancholic thing going on in their dance music whereas this lot has got more of a darkish goth component. Mainly due to the singer’s voice, I guess. Their hooks are also hookier in a massive way if you know what I mean. From the lyrics I thought this song was about a guy who was going to a party with his girl-friend, getting drunk there and then letting her drive him home (I have done it many times, I confess). But it could actually be about quite the opposite, i.e. a bloke who gives the control over to his partner, who likes to be dominated by women. Whatever. Who cares about lyrics in pop songs? On this track I hear all these little hammers punching the beat. They are ubiquitous, come from all sides, left, right, up and down. And somehow they seem to be melodic hammers. Of course it is the synthesizer playing the tune but in my mind it spills over to the drum machine. Which for once fits perfectly.