I am strong enough
To be weak in your arms

On days like these I get the impression that I am the only normal person on earth. Everybody else seems to be insane (and additionally has a music taste inferior to my own, just joking). Yes you heard it right, you are all totally nuts. You have a budget of millions of euros and you spend your time saving a stamp for a letter and a roll for a guest. Or you buy stuff for half of half the price (after negotiating) and then you are surprised that the stuff does not work. Or you put the stuff in the cellar where there is lots of other stuff and you don’t find it anymore after buying more stuff to stuff in the cellar. Or you are insincere to a good friend of yours. And you think much more about others than about yourself. When you actually should think more about yourself. Or you write superfluous blog posts like this one. See, it is infectious, I am crazy too now.

3 Antworten to “5:19”

  1. m Says:

    referring to anyone familiar???

  2. ohrensause Says:

    yep, three persons but you (if you are who i think you are) are not included. the examples are not very well chosen. there would have been many others.

  3. mannaman Says:

    I wasn’t really worrying about being included…I was just wondering

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