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3132 Andy Rourke 1964-2023

Mai 20, 2023

Your bass was the heart

of the most magic band of

our generation

[The Smiths – Barbarism Begins at Home, live]


Mai 6, 2023

An die Synapsen

andockende Gitarren

Cover me, Babe!

[William Tyler & The Impossible Truth – Highway Anxiety / Radioactivity (Live)]


Mai 2, 2023

On the top the stone

is looking forward to roll

all the way downhill


April 17, 2023

Schalk an den Tasten

Sie sprudeln vor Spielfreude

The Groove must go on

[Ahmad Jamal – Poinciana (Olympia, Paris 2012)]


April 13, 2023

Sliding deep into

the delta of guitar blues

Shivers guaranteed

[Rainer Ptacek & Das Combo – Me and the Devil (Robert Johnson), 1985, via]


April 12, 2023

All I want right now

Instant gratification

Three girls kicking ass

[Horsegirl – Anti-glory]


März 25, 2023

infectious groove

exuberant stellar trip


[Meshell Ndegeocello – Virgo]

Oh No!

März 21, 2023

If you wander far enough
you will come to it
and when you get there
they will give you a place to sit

for yourself only, in a nice chair,
and all your friends will be there
with smiles on their faces
and they will likewise all have places.

Robert Creeley (via)


März 11, 2023

Acoustic guitar

Straight into the heart of things

An expectant voice

[Bob Martin – Stay Awhile Sunshine]


Februar 24, 2023

Die Playlist ist jetzt

vierundzwanzig Stunden lang

Let’s have a party!


Februar 7, 2023

Where a man dives deep

into the essence of things

Follow him, will you?

[Van Morrison – Rave on John Donne]


Niemals aufhören

darf dieses Lied und wenn doch, dann

drücke auf Repeat


Februar 6, 2023

I’d prefer not to

discuss war in the comments“,

writes the pacifist


Januar 22, 2023

Fünf Monate alt

Steht auf Labradordamen

Style is all it takes

Germany’s historical responsability

Januar 20, 2023

… Eighty years ago, Nazi Germany was itself fighting a war of terror on this very same Ukrainian soil: the same cities, towns and villages were its victims as are now Russia’s…

No historical comparison is exact, but Putin’s attempt to destroy the independent existence of a neighbouring nation, with war crimes, genocidal actions and relentless targeting of the civilian population, is the closest we have come in Europe since 1945 to what Adolf Hitler did in the second world war….

It’s worth noting that Germany has a formidable defence industry that has very profitably exported lethal equipment to some quite dubious regimes around the world. So why not send it to defend a European democracy against the new Hitler?…

Timothy Garton Ash – If Germany has truly learned from its history, it will send tanks to defend Ukraine (Guardian)


Januar 16, 2023

I have got the fire of hell in my eyes – and it’s ChatGPT.

Nick Cave in The Red Hand Files


Januar 9, 2023

After all there is

still great music around but

you have to find it

[Wadada Leo Smith, Henry Kaiser, Alex Varty – Pacifica Koral Reef]


Dezember 30, 2022

Don’t you think it is

a strange and beautiful world

that we all live in?

[Kikagaku Moyo – Can You Imagine Nothing?]

Paul Motian

November 20, 2022

Playing the music is real, physically and whole. Then it’s gone. But it’s still there, in the air, in the mind, it exists. It’s not part of technology, it’s not recorded. It’s part of the soul. It’s there.

Motian in Motion (documentary, 2020)


November 19, 2022

The kind of club music

I really appreciate.

Nice drum programming.

[Electronic – Reality]


November 16, 2022

the motorik beat

all those colours: red, green, blue

this trip never ends

[fling ii – misk (via ad)]


November 6, 2022

Devastating news

Mimi Parker killed by cancer

Only fifty-five

[Low – Fly, live@Glastonbury, 2019]


November 6, 2022

A lot of the mess that we’re in comes from the idea that systems are separate from each other—that we can suck up resources of the Earth and chuck the trash back, and that’s outside. There is no outside. That’s what we have to remember.

Brian Eno in an interview with The Atlantic


Oktober 25, 2022

Das Rhythmusherz schlägt

Töne, in der Luft hängend

Lang lebe Talk Talk!

[Held By Trees – In the Trees]


Oktober 17, 2022

What a strange writer

To read this book took me years

I regretted it

[D. T. Max – Every love story is a ghost story. A Life of David Foster Wallace]


September 19, 2022

Royal bagpiper

used to wake her up each day,

puts her to sleep now


September 9, 2022

Someone for the girls

Here is a nice guy for a

candle light dinner

[Tamino – Indigo Night]


August 18, 2022

Fog is in the air

Female humming melding with

heavy techno beats

[Abraxas – iAM]


August 18, 2022

back to the lush sound

dense, warm, multi-faceted

warped soul for today

[Lambchop – Police Dog Blues]


August 17, 2022

I love to love but

my babe just loves to dance.

A film in a film

[Mia Hansen-Løve –  Bergman Island]


August 14, 2022

Sunday chill-out time

Feel the mild breeze on the beach.

Listen, she whistles!

[Molly Lewis – Mirage Fruit]


August 12, 2022

Pastis avec eau,

Du milchig-trüber Schlaftrunk.

Don’t forget the rocks!


August 10, 2022

Louisiana drawl

A voice that has passed its peak

Groovy guitar blues

[Lucinda Williams – Doors of Heaven]

2295 Tim

August 10, 2022

There’ll be a rematch,

modest, gentle chess giant.

In heaven, for sure.


Juli 11, 2022

a fountain of youth

wild cat that cannot be tamed

feedback explosion

[The Breeders – Cannonball (live 2018)]


Juli 8, 2022

Vor uns der Taunus

Auf der Wiese Heuballen

Sisyphus, your turn


Juni 28, 2022

love at first listen

complicated relation

in indie heaven

[Sadurn – icepick]


Juni 28, 2022

ranch with cows and dogs

a banjo and a mouth harp

the old man is real

[Neil Young – Doku 1972]


Juni 19, 2022

Work hard, love, die young

Wannabe musician with

mellow, sexy voice

[Lange Nacht über Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 0:37-0:56]


Juni 11, 2022

As if Nick Drake lived:

still perfect finger picking

voice has turned to soul

[Andy Bey – River Man (Nick Drake)]


Mai 22, 2022

Come into my house

Throw open the windows wide

Then back to your house

[Trashcan Sinatras – Send for Henny, live 2004 @Fez, NYC]


Mai 19, 2022

I’ll do what I can

Impossible Germany

Unlikely Japan

[Wilco – Impossible Germany]


Mai 14, 2022

When watching closely

I see in your distant gaze,

a new thought is born!


Mai 14, 2022

Knocked out by Rosé

14 per cent alcohol

Bonjour climate change


Mai 7, 2022

Wild, romantic ride

on keyboard, double bass, drums,

led by tenor sax.

[Nubya Garcia & band @ Festsaal Kreuzberg]


April 24, 2022

A heart-rending tune,

humour and understatement

could not bring her back.

[Matching Mole – O’Caroline]


April 18, 2022

First concert after

more than two years: Power Pop.

The Beths are the best.


April 13, 2022

Sit down and relax.

Have a beer and smoke a joint.

Forget all around.

[Tom Waits – Opening Intro]

Did anyone solve this yesterday?

April 8, 2022


März 15, 2022

Small shining jewel

of cosy finger picking

helped by pedal steel

[Vetiver – There Comes a Time (Bert Jansch)]

März 13, 2022

If none of us is prepared to die for freedom, then all of us will die under tyranny.

Timothy Snyder – On Tyranny


März 11, 2022

Hey hey hey – hey hey

Cool soundtrack to crazy times

in the melting pot

[Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy, BBC Radio 4 Soul Music]


März 6, 2022

Aus anderer Zeit:

„So don’t you get fresh with me.“

Frauenpower pur.

[Robyn – Buffalo Stance (Neneh Cherry)]


Februar 21, 2022

There is a blanket

made of infectious rhythms

and sweet harmonies.

[Khruangbin – So We Won’t Forget]


Februar 18, 2022


tragische Soulballade

Don’t you feel it, man?

[Jazmine Sullivan – Hurt Me So Good]


Februar 7, 2022

Post-Punk from Dublin

in two thousand twenty-two.

Cool, dry guitar sound.

[Silverbacks – They Were Never Our People (no free audio) ]


Februar 6, 2022

My mind is wide open

Durch die Liebe erleuchtet.

Einfach. Berührend.

[John Lennon – Oh My Love]


Januar 15, 2022

Logic and language

Cross Mastermind with Scrabble

Simply addictive



Januar 15, 2022

These days I seem to

think a lot about the things

I forgot to do

[Nico – These Days]


Januar 11, 2022

Why are songs about

breaking up so much deeper

than on love itself?

[Snail Mail – Speaking Terms]


Januar 9, 2022

On the motorway

I turn on the radio

and she turns me on.

[Snail Mail – Glory]


Januar 4, 2022

Back in Home Office

Völlig verregneter Tag

Wiesen überschwemmt


Dezember 31, 2021

post-punk guitar swirl

spoken everyday thoughts

album of the year

[Dry Cleaning – Her Hippo from New Long Leg]


Dezember 24, 2021

A jogging group that

meets daily before sunrise

in all big cities.


November 26, 2021

my tannins melted

liquorice is my bouquet

purple my colour

[Château Saint Bonnet 2012, Médoc]


November 26, 2021

power in quiet:

piano meditations

in winter landscape

[Phil Cook – All These Years]


November 19, 2021

Have you ever seen

anybody dance like this?

Power in motion.

[Joy Division – She’s Lost Control, live 1979]


November 10, 2021

Wo sich Video

und Musik perfekt matchen.

Party icebreaker.

[Parquet Courts – Walking at a Downtown Pace]


November 9, 2021

Leather juggling balls

brush each other in the air.

Subtle wake-up call.


Oktober 27, 2021

With your voice you have

put me under your spell again.

Depth, sadness and joy.

[LUMPClimb Every Wall]


September 25, 2021

Aufwachen! Endspurt!

Fuzz guitar blues riff maelstrom.

Sprung in Jungbrunnen.

[Tocotronic – Jugend ohne Gott gegen Faschismus]


September 23, 2021

A warm light guides us.

Bright but not dazzling at all.

Just a trumpet tone.

[Mathias Eick – Begging]


September 3, 2021

A joy ride around

the mighty, pulsating bass.

Champagne for the ears.

[David Sylvian – Red Guitar]


August 28, 2021

A proof that good sex

is all about the foreplay

and not the orgasm.

[Prince – Purple Rain (live 30/03/85 Syracuse, NY)]


August 28, 2021

The motorik beat

drives us into the future:

eternal return.

[Cluster – Caramel]


August 26, 2021

Trotten im Tunnel.

Kurze Rast mit Eiskaffee.

‚A new man was born…‘


August 25, 2021

Twelve kilometers

below ground temperatures

reach hellish levels.

[The Mountain Goats – The Destruction of the Kola Superdeep Borehole Tower]


Juli 20, 2021

Concert in the woods

starts with a divine version

of Tried to Tell You.

[The Weather Station – tiny desk home concert]


Juli 16, 2021

„… busy lately

… you haven’t found the time to

open up your mind“

[Joan as Police Woman – Out of Time (Blur)]


Juli 1, 2021

The first album I got at the time was „Long Division“ and I found it quite dull. Then I heard their version of „Transmission“ (on the Joy Division cover album „A Means to an End“) and was stunned. Just by slowing it down, they added something to the song. Listening to their cover was like watching a flower open up to the sun in the morning in real-time. I also loved that making a song slower also usually makes it longer which is perfect if you love the song. Yesterday I listened to their first album „I Could Live in Hope“ for the first time and was totally overwhelmed. A perfect album for last night when the storm and rain hit hard outside. So warm and cosy, like a warm blanket to cover yourself with and hide from the tough world around.

[Self quote from: I Love Music – Low: Classic or Classic?]


Juni 24, 2021

Indie heaven lies

a generation later

still deep down under.

[The Goon Sax – Psychic]


Juni 22, 2021

From harmonic chant

to clipped microphone signal

to floating in space.

[Low – Days Like These]


Mai 19, 2021

Chess blitz tournament.

Inside Brian Williams:

Pawns are for pussies.


Mai 7, 2021

Kevin Shields‘ guitar

on Loveless stirs up the clay

and it sticks for good.


Mai 3, 2021

Schlohweiß, ausgezehrt

kommt Nachbar die Treppe hoch.

Covid shows its face.


Mai 3, 2021

Why the heck do I

continue to buy books on

Dillon, the show-off?

[Look Out Kid, Bob Dylans Lieder, unsere Geschichten]


April 29, 2021

After a second

all the memories are back.

The fire crackles.

[Teenage Fanclub – Home, the single edit from the new album Endless Arcade]

New rules for an old game

April 18, 2021

The bishop can move in any diagonal direction. He doesn’t, though, because he knows that it’s in his and his community’s best interest to stay at home.

[How to play Covid chess by Laura Mishkin in The New Yorker]


April 13, 2021

Crossing the desert

in a dark convertible

during the late night.

[The Colorist Orchestra & Howe Gelb ft Pieta Brown – More Exes]


März 26, 2021

Dreamy tenor sax.

Impressionist piano.

Waves lapping the shore.

[Joe Lovano – Chapel Song from the new album Garden of Expression]


März 6, 2021

Music: Only thing

that can enter your psyche

without permission.

[Andra Day]


Februar 22, 2021

Woke up in clean sheets.

Bed made of jangly dream pop.

Fluffy ear candy.

[The Luxembourg Signal – The Morning After from the album The Long Now]


Februar 19, 2021

Sweaty, murky sound.

Primitive, demonic groove

from Danish cellars.

[Iceage – Vendetta from the album Seek Shelter]


Februar 13, 2021

Let’s bounce and have fun.

Smile and stare into the sun.

Wait, what did you say?

[Girl Ray – Show Me More from the album Girl]


Februar 12, 2021

Some music sends chills

down my spine, other music

sends down waterfalls.

[Meshell Ndegeocello – Waterfalls (by TLC) from Ventriloquism]


Februar 11, 2021

Please sing me to sleep

with your soft, gentle whisper

full of serene love.

[Joan Shelley – Teal from the wonderfully named album Just Like the River Loves the Sea]


Februar 10, 2021

Luscious chamber pop.

Everything falls into place.

Warming my cold ears.

[Lo Moon – This Is It]


Februar 9, 2021

When they don’t rock out

their knack for sweet melody

is unstoppable.

[The Beths – Jump Rope Gazers]


Februar 8, 2021

Ready for a trip?

A descent into the night

where noises abound.

[CS + Kreme – Mount Warning from the album Snoopy]


Februar 7, 2021

How rage is transformed

into vibrant energy.

A guilty pleasure.

[Hayley Williams – Simmer from the album Petals for Armor]


Februar 6, 2021

Take back all the days.

Children carrying balloons.

There’ll be no 21.

[The Apartments – Twenty One from the album No Song No Spell No Madrigal]