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In praise of … the Rain Tree Crow album

Juni 8, 2018

This late album by most members of Japan – which I didn’t really know beforehand – has totally enthralled me during the last couple of days. Mick Karn’s warm and bubbly autodidactic electric bass (plus wonderful bass clarinet). The sluggish drumming of David Sylvian’s brother, Steve Jansen. Either the drums sound like trash cans or living wood. The general slowness of things. The slightly meditative East Asian world feel of the music. The breath-taking and the pauses. Music to get enlightened to. The final touch of the synthesizer flourishes of Barbieri (he seems to be their Eno). This album is the missing link between Peter Gabriel’s fiery and tribal „Passion“ and Talk Talk’s subtle chamber rock album „Laughing Stock“ which was released in 1991 (what a year for music!) as well but slightly afterwards. And two of the best things about this album are that David Sylvian does not sing too much and when he does his vocals often are not as mannered as usual (esp. on his solo albums). Example: „Boat’s for Burning“. He does not have to disguise his voice. This album is a miracle.