This is a crisis I knew had to come
Destroying the balance I’d kept
Moving around to the next set of lives
Wondering what will come next

In my book they were the greatest of all rock bands. And live they were even more amazing than on the two albums they released. This song was played at the band’s last concert. You will probably know what happened after, if not read that last verse and it should be pretty clear. The singer’s delivery here is rather reserved, his voice is neither exaggeratedly low (in graveyard mode) nor does he shout like on many other songs. He has made a decision and he has found his peace. Besides him there are the two string manipulators. For once the bass is not playing lead, he takes himself back as well. A pounding background noise in the lower registers, that is all what is left of the bass here. And the electric guitar? Is adding little sketches of noise and slash, is not too prominent neither. How come that this song holds together despite all these instruments fading away into the off? It’s because of the drums which are very much upfront. They are played with a robotic precision and still they sound deeply human. They sound serious and powerful in contrast to the cartoonish and flat drum machines. They are played by the programmer and not by the program. Near the end there is a hiccup of the drums in comparison to the other instruments. Or vice versa. But somehow the band can get back into groove soon. The name of the song could refer to a religious feast but I think it is a synonym of passage.

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