a day a second (1-10)

Here are the first ten posts in my 2010 musical countdown series a day a second. The rules are easy: On 1st of January the year has 365 days left, therefore the first day of the year gets 365 seconds, the second day gets 364 seconds etc just to the last day December, 31st which gets one second. I only started Februray, 1st, so my first song had 365-31=334 seconds, which is 5 minutes 34. My plan is to continue until end of November and skip the last month of quickies. Please keep your fingers crossed that I’ll make it. I intended this as a sort of blindtest for the readers and hoped you would all be guessing what kind of music I was posting here. Maybe you were but you did not communicate that in the comments. Never mind. Here are the solutions to the first ten blindtests:

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