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Gallon Drunk live

April 10, 2014

I posted this on I Love Music a week ago:

I saw them last week in the Magnet Club under the Oberbaum bridge in Berlin. They were great, very intense, James shouted like in his best times. They were loud especially the bass and I tried to wear ear plugs but the music didn’t sound right. It was like drinking a wine without alcohol, this kind of wild, hypnotic music needs to be loud otherwise it is rubbish. When listening to the music without ear plugs i suddenly had this idea that the music you love most is the music that you have to hear so loud that you become deaf. In that way it will also be the last music you have ever heard. Strange thoughts. The drums were loud too, the drummer Ian White played very motoric and energetic, Jaki Liebezeit came to mind. Actually in a way they reminded me a little of Can around 1970, see the can thread with the concert in Soest. The music was more about texture than melody or harmony. It was very dense and powerful, slower and heavier while less bluesy than in the earlier days. The stage presence of James Johnston reminded me of Jeffrey Lee Pierce (rip). There is something diabolic and shamanistic about him. Their new album The Soul of the Hour is pretty good. I bought the cd and a t-shirt. The cover is great. And Gallon Drunk is such a cool name. Gallon Drunk is how you feel after having drunk eight pints of beer, you have attained a certain degree of merriness but you are not totally pissed out of your head yet. You are ready for the next eight pints after the first eight though.



April 1, 2014

In Soest ging 1970 noch die Post ab. Jaki Liebezeit trommelt die Zuschauer hier in Trance, Damo Suzuki singt sich in Ekstase, Holger Czukay bringt den Bass zum Grooven, Michael Karoli steuert Melodisches auf der Gitarre bei und Irmin Schmidt verwandelt die Orgel in ein wildes Tier. Krautrock meets Free Jazz meets Avantgarde. Mein Highlight: Oh Yeah, ab der Fünfminutenmarke. Das kam dann später auf das definitive Krautrockalbum überhaupt: Tago Mago.