Hello everybody

Hi James,
Hi John,
Hi Robert,
Hi Michael,
Hi Mary,
Hi William,
Hi David,
Hi Richard,
Hi Charles,
Hi Joseph,
Hi Thomas,
Hi Patricia,
Hi Christopher,
Hi Linda,
Hi Barbara,
Hi Daniel,
Hi Paul,
Hi M.,

Thank you very much for checking my blog.

P.S. Those are the 17+1 most popular names and 18 is the number of visitors I had today. I cannot say how glad I am that this has not turned into an unpersonal, anonymous place yet. Additionally this means that the three digit growth rates are still ahead. We are about to rock the web. Yay!

There are still almost twenty minutes to go, so I say some more Hi’s, either for today or for tomorrow. Thanks for listening and reading!

Hi Mark,
Hi Elizabeth,
Hi Jennifer.

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