I’ll think of you always
For you know it as well as I
That for you I would have died
and would still die

Yesterday I thought that winter was over as most of the snow had melted. Last night I saw a dark, low hanging cloud cover in the evening sky though and thought that we would have some rain today. But this morning everything was white again, huge, wet snow flakes were falling down and shortly after 9 am most neighbours were shovelling the snow off the pavement.

Today’s song is a love song by an indie band which never really made it. They had one „hit“ which got some airplay in the British indie pop world. The B-side of that single is this little ballad on the unfulfilled love between the male singer-songwriter of the band and the female singer. From the second verse on they duet here. This song – as most of said band’s œuvre – has got an innocent, naive and sentimental touch to it. An understated, wistful guitar melody opens the song which is about a love which was not meant to last. The man and the woman have to go different ways and they both seem to have accepted it.

5 Antworten to “5:14”

  1. m Says:

    I really like it

  2. ohrensause Says:

    really? i am kind of surprised. i love that band a lot and this song is definitely not their best. there was no 5:14 song which smashed me. this one was the nicest though.

  3. m Says:

    why is that? It fits my mood and I really loved to listen to it. Kinda need it on my ipod.

  4. ohrensause Says:

    i thought it was too soft for your likes. too twee. you know how to download, don’t you? from google reader it should be possible.

  5. m Says:

    well, it fits my mood at the moment. probably, this will change in a couple of days/hours…

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