Ich höre gerne Musik und gelegentlich schreibe ich da auch drüber. Und über andere Sachen, die sich so in meinem Leben ereignen. Manchmal auf deutsch, manchmal auf englisch. Je nachdem worauf ich gerade mehr Lust habe. Seit Februar 2020 schreibe ich vor allem Haikus. Der RSS-Feed für die Blogeinträge auf deutsch ist übrigens hier.


I love listening to music and sometimes I even write about it. Or try to. Rarely do I succeed. And sometimes I write about other things which happen in my life. Occasionally in German, sometimes in English. Whatever I feel like. Ohrenschmaus is a German word which means „aural delight“ or literally „treat for the ear“ in English. The subtitle is a sentence by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and it translates to „Without music life would be a mistake.“ Here is some background info on the title image. My old blog was called Close My Eyes and had been going for more than six years before I decided to stop it. Since February 2020 I have mainly been writing haikus, mostly in German. By the way the rss feed for the blog posts in English is here.


If you want to contact me by email, my address is alex63ÄTgmailDOTcom.

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