At sunrise the monkeys will fly
and leave me with pennies in my eyes

Here we have a piano ballad as tender and restrained as few others. The slow, measured, grave, melancholic melody drills itself straight into my heart. Another example of the immediacy and urgency of beauty in music. And then this turns into a duet. With another one of my favourite female singer-songwriters. The theme of the song seems to be the crossing of a divide. Either from life to death or from childhood to adulthood. Money could play a role in both scenarios. Either for Charon to row the deceased over to the other side of the Styx or as a symbol for adult life. In any case the lyrics are pretty simple but their meaning is rather mysterious. After the small pause in the last minute comes the weird coda which consists of a rumbling noise with occasional squeaks as if a revolving machine was not oiled.

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