Mama never taught me how to cook
That’s why I am so skinny

One of my favourite female singers. She has got the punch, she has got the power, she is so cool. And she is smart and she has humour too. What else could a man want from a woman? Children?

And I have heard men saying
Hey baby, your love is the greatest show on earth
And hey baby, I’m your man with the perfect plan
And I’ll give you everything your heart desires
I want you and I give you everything you dream
Everything you need,
Just let me get close to you
I want you, hey baby
I wanna suck your honey
I wanna cop your conception
Take your energy, absorb your vibe and preach you philosophy
I wanna become you
I want you and I want you to die
So I can be you
Hey, come over here
And give your sweet vampire some blood
And I’m your man
Come over here and pay your landlord some dues
Hey baby, that’s what I call love
And that’s what I call a relationship
Now do you want to get it on?
And I say, hey man
My destiny is not to serve
I am a woman
My destiny is to create

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