Repetition is not like repetition

I mentioned this means to amplify the impact of a melody on the listener in my last post. It suddenly occurs to me that there are at least two kinds of repetition and that their effects on me are almost opposite. When someone playing an instrument repeats a chord progression or a certain beat on the drums he only approaches repetition, he never perfectly repeats the figure he plays twice. This kind of weak repetition is something I like, it enters a tune or beat in my brain slowly. It gives my mind a degree of freedom. The other kind of repetition is the perfect digital copy of a line or a sample which recurrs over and over in a track. That is something I cannot stand at all. It feels like blows from a hammer on my forehead and makes me aggressive. I guess my brain needs that little work to assemble the puzzle pieces of weak analog repetition so that it has a good blood circulation. Or something.

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