I wish that you were here
We’d have a tea party to celebrate
We’d drive a cop car into the lake
and hold our breath for two long boring days

More than the visual arts or the literature music has a direct appeal to the beholder. Either you like a piece or you don’t. Reflection or discussion will usually not change your mind. Music can repel us or overwhelm us, we are at it’s mercy. Sometimes it will take us some time to „get“ certain music, sometimes the impact will be direct. For me this is an example of the latter. Ten seconds in and I am already captivated by the miraculous guitar line appearing after the drum intro. Another twenty seconds and the singer joins in with his pleasant soft voice. And then the keyboard doubles that magic tune, it almost sounds a little cheesy but it has got a relieving effect. The subsequent humming and the intertwined singing of the two singers add some more harmony to this, it reminds me of the grapes of muscat which can be so sweet that they give you a headache. I don’t know where this song came from – and I don’t mean California here – but it sounds incredibly mature and wise. It must be at least ten thousand years old.

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