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Oktober 10, 2011

I spent more or less the whole month of July 1979 in the United States very close to New England. It was my first encounter with US American culture and people and it made a big impression on me. The family I lived with had a wooden summer house on the Truesdale Lake in South Salem, New York. The next town was Ridgefield, Connecticut which was maybe 5 miles away and we went there occasionally to have a sundae, an ice-cream with a delicious, very rich chocolate sauce. The family had three sons, one older than me, one younger than me and one my age. Robert already had a driving license and he had a Bug. Nobody said Beetle, of course. Sometimes he drove the family car, a huge American road cruiser, no clue what brand it was. We also went to Bridgeport, Connecticut (and probably Stamford) where there was a university. Anyways this band called the Stepkids is from Bridgeport. The song which they perform live in the video is by far the best on their first album which was released a couple of months ago and which I purchased today. Call it psychedelic funk in the 2010s. The extremely groovy track could have been recorded in the early seventies, I still cannot help thinking that it is a cover but I haven’t found the original yet. It definitely sounds like a an old classic, especially the killer bassline after about half a minute which immediately hooks the listener without ever releasing him again.

P.S. Now I am almost 100% sure that there is a very similar tune by Lansing-Dreiden, another very derivative, eclectic band originally from Miami but now based in New York. I am too lazy now to check the iPod and nail it though.