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Februar 18, 2010

From the place that I stand
to the land that is openly free;
Watching rivers run black by the trees
that are vacant to greed.

I really have no clue what those lyrics are about. They seem to be about nature and environmental pollution. And when I hear greed I think about financial crisis and our dim future. This song surely was not about this theme, it is about a quarter of a century old.

Every time I hear the way the vocalist sings the line „Gotta give it up“ it takes me by surprise. There is so much positive energy in his delivery, everyone can hear that the words really come from his heart. Does he refer to giving up greed? I’d like to know more about this. By the way the album this is on is a great starting point for this band. They were just about to move from pop to post pop.

I am not certain if you are aware that a song of this group has already been chosen in this project. Anyways they have definitely earned it and I would not be unhappy for a third piece by them though chances are rather poor as they specialised in longish tracks.