What genre is this? Kosmische Musik? New Age? Some sort of guitar synth pop? Let’s just note that this is one hell of an earworm, leaning slightly towards kitsch but still on the good side. The man behind this instrumental who has been on the cutting edge of krautrock around 1970 was breaking the chains of band memberships and was doing his own thing at the time this came out. Like always with beautiful melodies it is hard to describe what exactly is so lovely about them. There is the instant gratification aspect; as soon as this tune enters your ear you know it has got the little something to stay there for a while and you won’t be unhappy if it doesn’t go away. Irresistibility is another quality which comes to mind here. Even if I wanted I could not not listen to this and not be charmed by it. A characteristic which seems to describe the melody quite well is warmth, there is a pleasant cosiness from the inside mounting up in my body towards my head when I hear it. A propos „moving up“, a metaphysical dimension, an aspiration towards the immaterial, the out of this world, the inexplicable – the only one word nailing it I can come up with and it is with great hesitation I use that word (in German we would say Bauchschmerzen [bellyache]) is God – is absolutely indismissable in a piece of music to really make me fall in love with it. Last not least the perpetual repetition amplifies the effect of the enchanting tune and it was reflected in the title. Going round and round and round…

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