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Februar 2, 2010

Wine in the mornin‘, and some breakfast at night.

There were four versions of this song on my iPod. Two of them were five minutes and thirty-three seconds long and both were live recordings. I chose the more conventional, the more polished version, the other one gives the impression that it has been recorded in a staircase with the drums sounding like a dozen of trash bins falling down the steps from the 5th floor down to the ground floor. Cherchez la femme!


I’d like to dedicate this post to my friend T. who is beginning to see something he hasn’t realised before. Everyone around him in the last ten years has seen it except him. Or maybe it is more realistic to say he probably saw it himself but he didn’t want to admit it to other people. Now he has made the most important step to get out of the circulus vitiosus, it is only a question of time that he will see the light again.

Another cut.

Something about this song is really amazing. It does not date, it is undestroyable (unkaputtbar), the groove and the tune still sound fresh & young in my ears. Why is that? One reason must be the compact, dirty guitar sound, especially the strummed rhythm guitar, another one the forward movement, the perfect flow, the song pulls the listener toward the future. We cannot escape the promised illumination. That is another important aspect of the song and the album it is from: the spiritual vibe. Somehow it is so totally unexpected and on the other hand it feels so right. And then there is another little line which makes me hold on for a second:

I met myself in a dream, and I just want to tell you,
Everything was alright.

I never had that experience but fortunately I never received electroshock therapy neither. Unlike the singer of this song.