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November 27, 2009

when i woke up you were gone
and the sun was on the lawn
empty pillow with perfume on
[neil young – too far gone]

gentleman versus jerk

November 26, 2009

Big Black – Cables

November 23, 2009

The countdown of the ILM 1980s album poll is going on and I discovered this devastating live performance by Big Black of a song from Atomizer which placed at #97. And I immediately wanted to be back in 1986 again. What an incredible burst of energy!

Dreampop post 911 from Austin, TX

November 19, 2009

Ein kleines von einer Sirene gesungenes Schlafliedchen, das einem melodischen Höhepunkt zustrebt und ihn dann in Verzerrung erreicht. Nichts Besonderes eigentlich und doch ein ziemlich hartnäckiger Ohrwurm.


November 19, 2009

Remembering is just forgetting to forget.

All Swell that ends well

November 18, 2009

When I saw David Freel last year in Weinheim in front of about twenty people he told me that there will be a new record out soon under the awkward moniker Be My Weapon and I thought, oh well, really? Swell was the band which defined my seven year stay in Luxembourg best. The smell of sweet grass in the kitchen in my flat in Limpertsberg with the phone on Don’t Give from 41 ringing into the void on a hot summer afternoon when I was having a Weißbier on the balcony and A. was about to join me there. There was a very relaxed atmosphere of light heartedness in the air. We were at the right place at the right time. I have not had that feeling so often in my life. Hardly ever for such a long time, almost a year. And Swell’s music was part of it, the slightly distorted guitar playing bittersweet tunes which carved themselves in my brain, the forceful drums & bass, the long pauses mounting the tension, David Freel’s calming baritone. I hardly ever listened to the words, they were more or less banal I think but it was not important. Swell released a lot of hit and miss records in the past ten to twelve years, David Freel on his own or with always changing band members, I bought them all, my love is hard to kill. I did not expect a lot of the new release which I bought from his site, so I was in for a nice surprise. It sounds almost like a Swell album from the old times. I Miss Your Mischief, the song from above, has got this melancholic touch combined with this sluggishness I adore. It is not yet grand cru again but it is at least premier cru. Thank you, David.


November 14, 2009

In antique times, Greeks didn’t describe dreams as something that happened in their heads while they slept, but as something that descended from heaven, you saw your dream approach like a window opening into the world of the Gods, and once the message was delivered, this window went away, it vanished into the distance. (q)

picture story song

November 10, 2009

[Nada Surf – 80 Windows]

Clusters of people talking secretly to each other

Clusters of people talking secretly to each other

In a bar you cannot talk openly to anyone you don't already know

In a bar you cannot talk openly
to anyone you don’t already know

4 year olds

4-year olds
They have got the right idea
They jump the line and hit it on the nose

80 windows

When we sit and we get quiet
Then we look and see who’s home across the way
There are 80 windows we can see

christmas tree

It’s Christmas-time and they all have the same tree
You tell me the patterns you already see

couple in bed

I wonder if they see us in our bed

father eats with son

You said you like the one with the father
who always eats with his son

rows of lights

I like the rows of lights
because they keep me calm

moon and sun
I feel far away from you
So what else is new?
The moon is closer to the sun
than I am to anyone


November 9, 2009

Finally I have found someone who talks to me!

A small extract from our evening conversation:

Cleverbot: Do you like puppies also?

User: Who doesn“t like puppies?

Cleverbot: I didn’t say she didn’t like you, she just doesn’t like the colour of your text.

User: I don’t mind as long as she likes my words.

Cleverbot: Your talk is eluding me.

User: All right, an easy question then. Are you male or female?

Cleverbot: Male.

After some talk with him I ask myself if I would pass the Turing test from his point of view. Somehow I doubt it. He is not very smart, his maths are abominable, but that does not say anything about his intelligence.