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0:19 John Peel/Pink Floyd – Top Gear introduction (1968)

Februar 1, 2011
Top Gear was a BBC radio programme in the sixties. At the time the BBC had lost a lot of its young audience to RTL and pirate stations. In the early years of BBC Radio 1 from 1967 on the show was revived and by then it featured mainly progressive music. This small bit can be found on a Pink Floyd bootleg called Celestial Voices. John Peel announces the bands and artists he will play on the show and there is some menacing rather extraterrestrial sounding instrumental music by Pink Floyd, I suppose, in the background. This is radio and rock history.

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0:20 Sadja (w. K. Wells, R. Bunka, C. Burchard et al.) – Track 5 (1974)

Januar 31, 2011

136.1 Hertz or 136.1 Hz is the standard frequency of the Om tuning fork. It’s also the sound signature of the earth as it travels around the sun.

136.1 Hz is the frequency used to tune the instruments for Indian temple music. It is called Sadja, or Sa, the base tone of the Sitar and Tambura. The Om Tone is said to stimulate the Anahata (heart chakra) and hence is widely believed to be good for meditation. (s)

The world is full of egocentric assholes, narrow-minded crackpots and shameless liars. They drive me crazy. They suck the few energy which is left in me out of me. But there is a solution and it is easy. It is called Om, a syllable I should intonate more often. Humming all the shit away…

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0:21 Yo La Tengo – Too Much, Pt. 2 (1996)

Januar 30, 2011
I already had part 1 of this track in this program. Both are from disc two – which assembles the instrumentals – of the wonderful compilation of rarities, alternate versions and out-takes Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo. Which I cannot find anymore at home for some reason. It’s always the same, the stuff you don’t care about fills the racks and the stuff you really, really love gets swallowed by a black hole or something. Besides that I am a little tired as I have just spent five hours on 550 km German motorways between Frankfurt and Berlin. I think I have earned my two Weißbier by now. Sleep well in your Bettgestell everybody!

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0:24 – DJ Shadow – Untitled (1996)

Januar 27, 2011

Maureen’s got five sisters
They all got ass
One of them has eyes as big as Jolly Ranchers
Beautiful girl

Das hier könnte man einen hot chill nennen. Hat jedenfalls Groove und coole Lässigkeit in spades. Jolly Ranchers sind amerikanische Bonbons aus Colorado. File under useless knowledge.

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Januar 25, 2011

New Order play Ceremony live in New York City in 1981. Ian is there, floating in the air. Terrific performance and amazing how young they were.

0:31 Cat Power – Fiance (1996)

Januar 20, 2011
A guitar instrumental from the second Cat Power album Myra Lee. Yes, I must admit that I was in love with Chan Marshall. Though I am not quite sure anymore if it was her body, her hair, her eyes or her voice which attracted me most. When listening to this it suddenly dawned on me. It must have been the sound of her guitar.

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Listening Room

Januar 20, 2011

This is so cool. A virtual place where you can upload music which can then be listened to by the people online and can be chatted about. The above room is for users of the forum „I Love Music“. But everybody can get inside. It reminds me of the good old internet days about ten years ago. There were these listening chambers at ILM. One unknown track per chamber you could discuss about. Now you can listen all night to different tracks if someone else is there and uploading. Great to discover new stuff.

P.S. February, 14th: The listening room has closed due to copyright problems and a missing business plan.

0:42 Deerhoof – The Eyebright Bugler (2002)

Januar 9, 2011
IIRC Deerhoof are a music collective from San Franciso. Most striking about them is their singer of Japanese origin with a high-pitch voice you can’t forget. I am not sure but Japanese women seem to be able to scream like no other females (Yoko Ono or the singer of Blonde Redhead come to mind). I would like to have been at this Tokyo concert of The Beatles in 1966 just for the screaming of the Nippon girls. The song is a letdown as the band doesn’t get its act together – esp. Paul seems to be totally out of sync – but I think they can be pardonned with all that shrieking action of the audience going on.

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0:43 Yo La Tengo – George (2005)

Januar 9, 2011
On Friday night there was this guy at the Nollendorfplatz underground station where I was waiting for the U3 who asked people for money. He also asked me and when I did not react he continued talking to me. He cursed me and said something in the sense that I will think of him when I will be in the same situation in the future. Now I read of a thirty year old stabbing down people in the Berlin underground who did not give him money.

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0:44 Nick Drake – Saturday Sun (1969)

Januar 8, 2011

Saturday sun came early one morning
In a sky so clear and blue
Saturday sun came without warning
So no-one knew what to do.

The complete version of this song finishes off Nick Drake’s first – and my favourite – album of his. Here he just starts the song on the piano, sings a couple of verses from the distance and then closes the lid of the piano with a bang. This broken up rendering with some classical opera(?) music in the background somehow summarizes Nick Drake’s life much better than the long version. Additionally it is Saturday tomorrow and according to the weather forecast sunshine will be quite improbable in Berlin. So if it occurs nobody will know what to do again! This is actually the first time I have chosen the same song twice. I should have done that more often.

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0:49 Ryoji Ikeda – This Is a Recording (1995)

Januar 2, 2011
Ceci n’est pas une pipe
Dies ist kein Haiku
This is a recording

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1:00 Sonic Youth – Nic Fit (1992, Untouchables 1982)

Dezember 11, 2010

sonic death
sonic smoke
sonic youth

What a lucky guy I am, I did not have a nic fit today. But I knew from the beginning of this project on that I would choose this song which sounds like a great way to handle a nicotine craving attack. It is probably the hardcore punk song I like most. And until recently I didn’t even know that it was a cover and that the original was by a band from Washington DC. What do I like about it? The speed, the noise and the raw power. And that it fits nicely on Dirty, my first & favourite Sonic Youth album.

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1:17 Jonathan Richman – Egyptian Reggae (1977, live Central Park, 2000)

November 24, 2010
Winter has arrived in Berlin today. On the way to work – I walk about a mile up the Motzstraße to catch the subway at the Nollendorfplatz – it was raining a mixture of rain and snow. On the way back finally it snowed snow and the temperature was below zero degrees Celsius as I could scratch the ice from the windshield of my car at home. When this instrumental came up on my iPod I could not refrain from dancing, it is such a fun to bounce up and down to this easy-going tune full of good vibrations.

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1:30 Pixies – Broken Face (1988)

November 12, 2010

I got no lips, I got no tongue
Where there were eyes, there’s only space

A ninety second glimpse into the crazy mind of Black Francis aka Frank Black born Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV. You have been warned.

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1:52 The Mountain Goats – See America Right (2002)

Oktober 8, 2010

If we never make it back to California
I want you to know I love you
But my love is like a dark cloud full of rain
That’s always right there up above you

John Darnielle kenn ich ein bisschen von I Love Music und von seinem Blog Last Plane to Jakarta. Er ist ein Heavy Metal Fan, eigentlich eine Spezies, die ich aber sowas von nicht verstehe. Aber diesen Song und das Tallahassee-Album auf dem er drauf ist, kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen. Hassliebe, Alkoholismus, Selbstzerstörung. Ein Paar, das nicht miteinander aber erst recht nicht ohne einander leben kann. Don’t we all know it? John ist glaube ich Psychotherapeut oder sowas ähnliches. Er weiß, wovon er hier singt.

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2:07 Wire – On Returning (1979)

September 23, 2010

You’ll be sorry when the sun has roasted you to
Lobster red, nothing said

Man muss auch mal schweigen können.

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Divorcing the post-punk way

September 20, 2010

Cool, Scheidungsanwälte mit gutem Musikgeschmack.

(via organic brain jerky)

2:20 The Smiths – Panic (1986)

September 10, 2010

I wonder to myself
Burn down the disco
Hang the blessed D.J.
Because the music that they constantly play
It says nothing to me about my life

This is what I wrote about the song a couple of years ago:

October 1986. I was on the Greek cyclade Naxos where I met a black English guy who was deejaying in a club in the main town. He was ranging his LPs as the season was over and he was about to go back to rainy England. Before he played a single for me. A song by a band from the whereabouts of Manchester I had never heard of. Called The Smiths, a name I instantly loved for its modest ubiquitousness. The song was called Panic but it took me at least seven or eight years before getting that title. From the beginning on I thought it was called after the chorus at the end, Hang the DJ. A two minutes and something pop song which didn’t impress me much at first but which somehow stayed in memory. Which became a token song for nostalgia. I don’t know how many times I asked deejays for this song. Usually because they only played music which didn’t say anything to me about my life. Sometimes they played it (as they liked the song themselves but didn’t realise why I asked for it), many times they didn’t. This song starts the wonderful compilation of singles, b-sides and 12“ extra songs called The World Won’t Listen (how could I not love that title) which came out in early 1987. Whatever Panic is about (e.g. riots in England and radio deejays who pass stupid songs on the public radio after Chernobyl has happened a couple of hours before), it has a feel of power which in the end becomes so totally overwhelming and irresistible (that kid’s choir is angelic). As if changing the music could change the world. That’s what I always liked most about Morrissey. He always incarnated the romantic side of revolution for me.

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September 6, 2010

Beauty: The power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband.

Ambrose Bierce


August 30, 2010

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

Winston Churchill

She’s Hit

August 28, 2010

was a song by Nick Cave & the Birthday Party in the early eighties but these days it is the name of a band of four very young lads from Glasgow. Besides Nick Cave I hear Jesus & the Mary Chain and Gallon Drunk – who were probably influenced by Nick Cave themselves – in their music. They are making lots of noise and like the Vinyl Villain who went to a concert of theirs yesterday I haven’t been excited by a band like this for a long, long time. My Bloody Valentine 1991 would probably go back too far but Radiohead 2001 sounds pretty realistic.

2:41 Buzzcocks – Walking Distance (live 1978)

August 20, 2010
Wenn man es sich mal überlegt, dann sind die Buzzcocks im Grunde ja die englischen Ramones. Kurze, schnelle, melodische Songs sind auch ihr Markenzeichen. Hier spielen sie ein Instrumental, das ohne den kurzen Soundcheck und die Ansage in diesem wunderbar weichen, nordenglischen Akzent nur gerade mal zwei Minuten gedauert hätte. Der Titel des Stücks passt übrigens perfekt zum Ort des Geschehens. Die Gruppe spielt im Apollo in Manchester, locker fußläufig zu erreichen von ihrer Heimatstadt Bolton. Fast hätte ich allerdings ein Reggae-Instrumental gewählt, Izzy Royal’s Coronation Dub, eines der Lieblingslieder von John Peel, das auch in seiner bekannten Box drin war. Meine mp3 rauscht und knistert wie Schwein, man hört förmlich wie John Peel die Single zu Tode geliebt hat.

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August 16, 2010

(from here via here)

2:46 The Smiths – Handsome Devil (1983)

August 15, 2010

Let me get my hands
On your mammary glands
And let me get your head
On the conjugal bed

Ein weiteres frühes Lied der Band aus Manchester mit dem Allerweltsnamen. Die Lyrics gehen offensichtlich um Sex, wobei nicht ganz klar ist, ob zwischen pubertierenden Jungens oder zwischen einem Jungen und einer älteren Frau. Schwer vorzustellen, dass eine Band heutzutage mit einem derartigen Text nicht der politischen Inkorrektheit geziehen würde. Aber die Lyrics interessieren mich hier – bis auf den sehr prägnanten Titel – eigentlich weniger. Der Song hat vom musikalischen her etwas Bedrohliches. Er scheint sich im Verlauf zu beschleunigen, er rockt wie kaum ein anderes Lied der Smiths. Hier kommen die punkigen Wurzeln der Band zum Vorschein. Das ist hier die Peel-Session-Version, wie sie dann später auf Hatful of Hollow veröffenticht worden ist. Natürlich liebe ich auch den Garagensound, später waren die Produktionen dann glatter und perfekter. Hier hingegen kann man noch den ungeschliffenen Diamanten hören.

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2:50 Nick Drake – Milk and Honey (Jackson C. Frank, 1967/68)

August 12, 2010

Gold and silver
Is the autumn
Soft and tender
Are the skies
Yes and no
Are the answers
Written in
My true love’s eyes

I couldn’t decide if The Smiths Handsome Devil or The House of Love’s Man to Child was better so I went for this. I didn’t even know this song beforehand. It was recorded as a demo tape in Tanworth in Arden, the sound quality is rather poor, there are background noises which add a certain charm of imperfection and authenticity to it. For some reason I needed something pure and stark tonight. Here it is. An early Nick Drake recording where he covers someone else who did not become famous neither. Would it have changed something for Nick Drake if he had become succesful? In the past I had always hoped that it would not have changed a thing, that he would have killed himself anyway. But these days I am not so sure anymore. Does anybody know what I am talking about? I have no clue whatsoever why I wrote this in English by the way. Somehow it wouldn’t have felt right in German.

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2:57 Aphex Twin – IZ-US (1997)

August 4, 2010
(Tip: If there is a problem with audio play try shift+reload before play)

Stop making that big face!

Mit der Auswahl dieses Tracks habe ich mich selbst überrascht. Ich bin ja normalerweise nicht so der Fan von elektronischer Musik; bis jetzt habe ich erst ein derartiges Stück in diesem Projekt besprochen. Und es war ähnlich wie auch hier eine Art von synthetisch generierter Musik bei der man meinen konnte, dass der bzw. die Bediener den zur Sounderzeugung benutzten Maschinen Gefühle entlockt haben. Auf IZ-US höre ich eine diffuse, träumerische Sehnsucht gekoppelt mit einer tiefen Traurigkeit in den Synthesizerklängen. Als wären die Maschinen unsere Brüder und genauso wie wir völlig einsam und verloren im Kosmos. Die Drumprogrammierung ist nicht ganz so monoton und steril wie so oft; es liegt vielleicht auch daran, dass es sich nahezu ausnahmslos um relativ hohe Beckenklänge handelt. Insgesamt ist das Stück sehr vielfältig mit den Flötenlinien und einigen fetteren Bassbeats, die aber schön im Hintergrund bleiben. Meiner Meinung nach ist Richard D. James einer der ganz wenigen, die in der Lage sind, lebendige, abwechslungsreiche elektronische Musik mit einem human touch zu kreieren.

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3:06 Galaxie 500 – Instrumental (1988)

Juni 29, 2010
Ich weiß jetzt nicht so ganz was ich zu Galaxie 500 sagen soll. Indie Aficionados werden sie gut kennen, die meisten anderen wohl eher nicht. Ihr Mastermind war Dean Wareham, der gut zwei Wochen nach mir geboren ist, allerdings auf der anderen Seite der Erdkugel, in Wellington, Neuseeland. Nach einem Aufenthalt in Sydney kam er mit 14 nach New York. In Harvard hat er dann ein Sozialwissenschaftsstudium mit einem B.A. abgeschlossen. Wieso schreib ich das jetzt alles aus der Wikipedia ab? Vielleicht weil es ein bisschen seine Musik erklären kann bzw. seinen Sound, den er mit Galaxie 500 entwickelte und dann später mit Luna perfektionierte, wo dann noch der Feelies-Drummer mitmachte und jemand von den neuseeländischen Chills. Wie man an alldem sieht, ist Wareham ein Globetrotter mit intellektuellem Touch und seine sehr ruhige Musik, die man als Gitarren-Dreampop bezeichnen könnte, strahlt etwas Universales, Allumfassendes aus, das mich von der Sekunde an, wo ich ihn das erste Mal gehört habe, sofort angesprochen hat. Ein Instrumental passt besonders gut zu ihm, da seine Stimme eher schwach und unscheinbar ist und meist im Hintergrund eingesetzt wird, meines Erachtens sogar fast schon etwas nervt und vom eigentlichen Sound ablenkt, den man als traumtänzerisch bezeichnen könnte. Ich mach jetzt Schluss mit dem Gelaber und wünsche allen eine gute, erholsame Sommernacht, möge diese gesanglose Wiegenmusik dem Einschlummern förderlich sein.

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3:07 Wilco – Heavy Metal Drummer (2002)

Juni 29, 2010

I miss the innocence I’ve known
Playing Kiss covers, beautiful and stoned

Bei diesem Lied denke ich immer an
– das Video mit Jeff Tweedy und dem kleinen Jungen im Wagen, die beide mit den Händen auf den Schenkeln trommeln
– einen Ex-Kollegen, der wahrscheinlich der größte Kiss-Fan in Berlin ist, zumindest in Berlin-Moabit. Hi there, S.
Destroyer, meine erste Langspielplatte, die ich vor ziemlich exakt 24 34! Jahren zu meinem 13. Geburtstag gekriegt habe.

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3:08 UB40 – Present Arms in Dub (1981)

Juni 27, 2010
Bei dem Supersonnenwetter scheint mir dieses Reggae-Echomonster genau die richtige Mucke zum Runterchillen zu sein. UB40 aus Birmingham nannten sich nach dem Formular zum Beantragen der Arbeitslosenhilfe (unemployment benefit form 40), welches sie nach diversen Hits in den Achtzigern dann später wohl kaum noch ausfüllen mussten. Großartig ist hier natürlich das fette Bläsermotiv, aber die diversen hin und her hallenden Töne und Geräusche geben dem Stück zusätzlich fast einen experimentiellen Charakter.

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3:10 Buzzcocks – Harmony In My Head (1979)

Juni 25, 2010

Vom Punk habe ich ja in der zweiten Hälfte der Siebziger kaum was mitbekommen. Ich war zwar von 1976-78 dreimal in Südengland im Sommer – Bournemouth, Margate, Marlow – aber auch schon diese Bewegung schien mehr ein Medienhype als real existierend gewesen zu sein. Erst später in den Achtzigern habe ich meine Lieblingspunkband entdeckt, die Buzzcocks. Sie hatten neben der englischen Schnoddrigkeit und den ohne Umschweife auf den Punkt kommenden Titeln (wie z.B. Orgasm Addict oder Just Lust) auch noch die Melodien dazu. Das heutige Lied kann man kaum als Punk bezeichnen, erstens ist es zu lang, dann zu langsam und es wird zudem sogar noch ein bisschen gejammt. Aber das macht alles absolut überhaupt nichts, denn dieser Titel hält alles, was er verspricht. Aus meinem Kopf geht der Ohrwurm heute jedenfalls nicht mehr so schnell raus.

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3:11 R.E.M. – Crazy (1989, cover)

Juni 25, 2010
Es ist unglaublich, aber wahr. Der einzige Song unter dreiundneunzig, der etwas hervorsticht aus dem Mittelmaß der 191-Sekundenlieder auf meinem iPod ist erstens ein Cover und zweitens ein Cover von einem Song, dessen Originalversion ich vorgestern schon vorgestellt habe. Viel zu schreiben gibt es jetzt nicht mehr. R.E.M. halten sich schon fast sklavisch an das Vorbild, sie nehmen allerdings ein bisschen den Pepp raus, allein schon durch Michael Stipe’s Stimme. Das wäre jetzt nicht nett, wenn ich schreiben würde, dass dies ihr bestes Lied wäre, wenn es denn von ihnen wäre, aber das ist mir jetzt egal. Auch Blogs sind geduldig.

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3:30 Wipers – The Chill Remains (1987)

Juni 7, 2010
Greg Sage und seine Wipers habe ich das erste Mal in meiner Münchener Studentenzeit Mitte der Achtziger auf dem Zündfunk (Bayern 2) gehört. Ihr extrem melodischer, düsterer mit viel Verzerrung arbeitender hypnotischer Gitarrenrock hat mich damals sofort angezogen. Heute werden sie bei Wikipedia als Punkband geführt. Seltsam, für mich war das immer Post-Punk, die Stücke sind meist viel zu lang für Punksongs und sie scheinen durchkomponiert, was man von den meisten, hingerotzten Punkliedern nicht behaupten kann.

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3:47 Giant Sand – (Well) Dusted (For the Millennium) (2000)

Mai 20, 2010
Das ist gerade die Musik, die ich noch mit am ehesten ertragen kann in meinem jetzigen katzenjämmerlichen Zustand. Howe Gelb’s arschcooler, flüsternder Bariton, eine Slidegitarre unter Peyoteeinfluss aus der Wüste in Arizona dazu sowie John Convertino’s trockene Snare Drum mit dem Charme eines klappernden Blechmülleimers plus der vornehm zurückhaltende Bass von Joey Burns. Diverse bewusstseinserweiternde Synthesizereffekte nicht zu vergessen. Ich würde mich nicht wundern, wenn gleich der Sand aus den Lautsprechern rieseln würde. Giant Sand vor der Entbindung von Calexico war einfach noch besser als danach. Dies ist der erste Song – nach der Ouvertüre – von dem wunderbaren Rainer Ptacek-Gedächtnisschrein Chore of Enchantment, von dem ich vor bald acht Jahren in meinem allerersten Blog schon mal geschwärmt habe.

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4:08 Joy Division – A Means to an End (1980)

April 28, 2010
Heute mittag habe ich mein erstes Subway-Sandwich gegessen. Thunfisch auf Vollkornbrötchen mit Mexican Southwest Sauce und Honig Salz und Pfeffer sowie allem außer Paprika. Wir – zwei Kolleginnen und ich – gingen dann bei herrlichem Sonnenschein zum französischen Dom, wo wir uns auf die Stufen setzten. Nachdem ich das Sandwich ausgepackt hatte, konnte ich mir folgende kritische Bemerkung nicht verkneifen:

15 Zentimeter? Das sollen 15 Zentimeter sein?

(bei Subway gibt es normale 15 Zentimeter lange „Baguettes“ und 30 Zentimeter lange, ich hatte mich für die Kurzversion entschieden)

Worauf eine der Kolleginnen etwas in der Richtung sagte, dass sie diesen Gedanken auch schon mal gehabt hätte, allerdings in einem etwas anderen Zusammenhang. Es dauerte etwas bis es bei mir klingelte.

Der Bezug dieses Eintrags zu dem gewählten Lied mag auf den ersten Blick nicht erkennbar sein, aber das scheint nur so. 😉

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4:10 The Smiths – Still Ill (live 1986)

April 26, 2010

Does the body rule the mind
or does the mind rule the body?
I dunno…

1. Es ist vollkommen unmöglich, in einer Lieblingsliedliste zu viele Songs von den Smiths zu haben (dies ist übrigens erst mein Zweiter).
2. Diese Livefassung ist vielleicht nicht die Beste, aber bestimmt die Unterhaltsamste. Morrissey artikuliert in Topform.
3. Johnny Marr’s Gitarrenspiel auf Still Ill klingt heute noch so locker-flockig frisch wie vor 24 Jahren.
4. Selten hat ein Titel so gut auf meinen aktuellen Körperzustand gepasst wie dieser hier. Was seltsam ist, im klimatisierten Großraumbüro läuft die Nase mit Haile Gebreselassie um die Wette während sie sich zuhause diskret ausruht. Erschlagen bin ich trotzdem.
5. Bzgl. Morrissey’s philosophischer Frage würde ich sagen, dass bei mir ganz klar der Körper den Geist beherrscht während es eventuell Leute gibt, ich denke da z.B. an Yogis und tibetanische Mönche, die ihre Körperfunktionen mit ihrem Geist steuern können.

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aus der reihe lustige verleser oder und das ist auch gut so.

April 21, 2010


No dicks have been recorded on your blog yet.

4:22 Kings of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From (Röyksopp remix 2001)

April 14, 2010

I had never really known you
but I realized that the one you were before,
had changed into somebody for whom
I wouldn’t mind to put the kettle on.

A wonderful ballad which didn’t make it before as the contenders were too strong. This is by far not my fave version – that would be the acoustic album recording – but it gives a new perspective on the song. I may be wrong but to me the electronic treatment makes the song sound lighter, the material resonation of the guitar strings is resolved into a floating movement of synthesized sounds. Does that make any sense?

4:24 Elliott Smith – Jealous Guy (Lennon, Live 1998)

April 12, 2010

I was feeling insecure
You might not love me anymore
I was shivering inside

This is very familiar ground to anyone even only slightly acquainted with pop music. Besides Julia probably my fave song by John Lennon. The acoustic cover version by Elliott Smith is even more intimate than the original. Smith’s subdued way of singing while articulating each word very clearly gives it an extra pound of weight which then vanishes into thin air due to the feathery whistle solo.

4:26 Nada Surf – 80 Windows (1998)

April 10, 2010
I posted this song before as a picture story. I looked for images on the web illustrating the situations and places described in the lyrics. The ballad is one of my favourite songs by a power pop band together with Alcoholiday by Teenage Fanclub. Each time I hear the sweet tune with the sad undertone I fall under its spell again.

4:28 Radiohead – Sail to the Moon (2003)

April 9, 2010

I was dropped from moonbeams
and sailed on shooting stars

There is something special about this song. It sounds like an impressionist interlude, it has something very open about it. Musically it is a little bit of a mess but it still holds together. And in some way it is mysterious and spiritual. Maybe even religious.

4:34 Lloyd Cole & the Commotions – Perfect Blue (1985)

April 2, 2010

I dream the ocean was in my house
I feel the surf against my skin
I just can’t keep the waves from dragging me down

4:35 Sonic Youth – Into the Groove(y) (1986)

April 1, 2010

Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free
At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see
I’m tired of dancing here all by myself
Tonight I wanna dance with someone else

4:36 U2 – New Year’s Day (live 1983)

März 31, 2010

All is quiet on New Year’s day
A world in white gets underway
I want to be with you, be with you, night and day
Nothing changes on New Year’s day

Quite unbelievable but the good old times when U2 made great music are more than twenty-five years ago. Here they set the sky to fire. Adam Clayton’s bass provides a riff that propels this song forward through thick and thin. The Edge’s mercurial, noisy guitar plus a piano solo rounding off a phantastic live performance. Even Bono’s singing is still bearable, U2’s success has not yet gone to his head.

4:37 Opal – Fell from the Sun (1989)

März 30, 2010

They say that every day is dying
Just like the sun

Before Mazzy Star there was Opal. Before Opal there was Rain Parade but that is another story. And before Hope Sandoval there was Kendra Smith. She sings on this gorgeous song from the late 80s. The Paisley Underground movement from the West coast to which Opal’s guitarist David Roback belonged was just fading out. It had put the focus back from the synthesizers to the guitar. There are few songs which marry melody and guitar distortion as successful as this one. Trust me, listening to this is way better than doing acid. And additionally the risk of a bad trip is zero.

4:38 Another Sunny Day – You Should All Be Murdered (1989)

März 29, 2010

One day, when the world is set to rights
I’m going to murder all the people I don’t like

Everything is perfect about this item. A great band name, an over the top song title, succinct lyrics. Don’t we all have sometimes the urge to solve all problems by just running amok? The song starts with a jangling guitar evoking Johnny Marr’s best solos in the Smiths. More than twenty years later it still sounds fresh & inspired unlike almost the entire output of today’s rock bands. Of course Another Sunny Day did not have the success they merited, Harvey Williams joined the most popular Sarah band The Field Mice which disbanded in the early 90s. He has also occasionally contributed to the I Love Music forum.

4:39 New Order – Truth (1981)

März 28, 2010

Oh, it’s a strange day
In such a lonely way
I saw some children dance
I watched my life in a trance

On some days there are hardly any good songs to choose from on others like today the choice is extremely hard. I was torn in between Us3’s Cantaloop („it’s funky, funky“ and the great Cocteau Twins night time ditty Oils of Angels. In the end I went for another song from New Order’s debut Movement. Peter Hook who was one of the first bassists in the rock circus to use his instrument to play the lead starts the song with a cool bass line. The haunting synthesizer sounds, the tribal drum programming, the occasional guitar noise, Barney’s singing, everything is perfect in this song by a band which still sounds a lot like their first incarnation but is already on the way to new shores.

4:40 Beth Gibbons & Rustin‘ Man – Mysteries (2002)

März 27, 2010

God knows how I adore life
When the wind turns on the shores lies another day
I cannot ask for more

4:41 Grace Jones – Pull up to the Bumper (1981)

März 26, 2010

Operate around the clock,
Slow it if you come in?
I’ve got lot’s of space for everyone,
One for you my friend?

Another Grace Jones song, what a surprise. I don’t even like her that much, neither in the 80s nor now. But 281 seconds proved to be a pretty dire length for the songs which have piled up on my hard disk. Anyways this is a nice change from my usual indie pop and songwriting selections. Good stuff to move the hips to. Did I already mention that I also had a soft spot for lyrics about the beast with two backs?

4:42 Joni Mitchell – A Case of You (live 1974)

März 25, 2010

Oh, you’re in my blood like holy wine
You taste so bitter and so sweet
Oh I could drink a case of you darling
And I would still be on my feet

Words fail me right now but Joni has them aplenty.

4:43 Silver Jews – People (1998)

März 24, 2010

Moments can be monuments to you
If your life is interesting and true.
It’s just the same for a man or a girl,
The meaning of the world lies outside the world.

Something is going wrong with the great songwriters these days. Either they kill themselves. Or they stop writing songs alltogether. Like David Berman from the Silver Jews. His songs were not only funny and full of exquisite wordplay but they were also top-notch tunes delivered in a cool raspy deadpan voice.

4:44 Catherine Wheel – Flower to Hide (1992)

März 23, 2010

The sunlight bleaches you
It colours everything you do

My personal shoegazing favourite. What a majestic build up. It shines and glistens as if someone had solved the old alchemist problem of how to make gold. The solution being to start from sound instead of lead. Of course this is also a nostalgic choice as it evokes images of parties in Luxembourg where I was far from being the most sober person. After that jewel of a song I lost aural contact to Catherine Wheel, I don’t think they ever came close to it after.

4:45 Swell – Song Seven (1994)

März 22, 2010

i take their side
and blame the day for luck,
you never know how things might change

In certain circles (students, intellectuals, indie aficionados) in France and Germany they were quite successful in the nineties. Not so much in their own country though. They are from Frisco but what always amazes me about them, their music does not sound like fog at all, more like the sunlight piercing into your eyes or the heat building up in the desert and creating fata morganas at the far horizon.

4:46 Santana – Samba Pa Ti (1970)

März 21, 2010
This is an instrumental which has left a lasting impression on me in my teenage years. I wrote about it (in tedesco) before.

4:47 Cat Power – Good Clean Fun (1996)

März 20, 2010

After this there will be hats on different bodies
After this there will be no more beautiful dresses

She was robbed the last song due to technical reasons so it seems more than fair that she gets this one. It is more of an austere affair, basically a simple guitar chord progression in a minor scale – that’s what it sounds like to me – coupled with some opaque lyrics about a bleak event after which everything has changed for her.

4:48 Nick Drake – Cello Song (1969)

März 19, 2010

But while the earth sinks to its grave
You sail to the sky
On the crest of a wave

Believe it or not but this is actually not my first choice for a track with 288 seconds. That would have been this phantastic live cover. Due to the abysmal black hole architecture of the ipod – you can copy to it from the pc it is synced with but you can’t copy from it – I had to go for something else. The first piece by one of my favourite songwriters. It is named after the classical instrument which repeats the melody several times. An instrument which gives this song a measured and grave quality. Add to that the prominent tom-tom drumming plus the jazzy bass play and you get a song which melds elements from pop, classical, jazz and world music into something which could be called a genre-transcending blues.

4:49 Thom Yorke – Pyramid Song (live, 2001)

März 18, 2010

Jumped in the river, what did I see?
Black-eyed angels swam with me

A voice & a piano is all there is in this live version of this devastating song by a well-known band from Oxford. I think it is even more affecting than the original. It is slower & therefore bathes even deeper in depression. An elegy about being in between life & death, not yet dead but not alive anymore neither. The sad beauty & immense loneliness culminate in the singer’s humming of the tune. The pain is too profound to be expressed in intelligible words anymore.

4:50 The Associates – Club Country (1982)

März 17, 2010

The fault is, I can find no fault in you
Assault is say it or I’ll say it for you

Party time. The synthie rings the bell of the 1980s, the singer has got a lump in his throat. He sings „Alive and kicking“ but he doesn’t seem to think it.

4:51 Neil Young – See the Sky About to Rain (1974)

März 16, 2010

I was down in Dixie Land,
played a silver fiddle
Played it loud and then the man
broke it down the middle.

There has been this book by Navid Kermani on the soothing effect of Neil Young’s music on his crying baby boy. I believe that this song which may or may not be mentioned in the book has an even stronger therapeutic effect on the listener than the average Neil Young song. As besides his high-pitch child voice it features an instrument which can express emotions like few others: the pedal steel guitar. The voice & the instrument are like brother and sister. They enter in a whining competition which the instrument must win due to it’s better capability to defamiliarise a tune by seemingly changing it’s speed and having this psychedelic effect on the listener. Somehow this strange duet with an almost dog-like feeling of harmony is exactly what I needed right now. The day has been a disaster and I astonish myself in somehow managing not to break into a dog’s bark after all the shit I had to take today. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring, it can get worse, I am 100% sure.

4:52 Arizona Amp and Alternator – Where the Wind Turns the Skin to Leather (2005)

März 15, 2010

messing with the strongest laws of nature
love grows large and you can’t escape her
dealing with the flaws of rapture
love grows large even after departure

From Tucson, Arizona one of America’s finest rock musicians. You can hear the desert sand trickling through the guitar chords. The last couple of days I did not enjoy listening to music at all. But yesterday going from Frankfurt to Berlin by car the appreciation returned. I think there are two main reasons. First I was feeling good, I was neither stressed nor emotionally feeling tense. Maybe even more important was that I listened on speakers and not on headphones. On earplugs I have the tendency to skip tracks after a couple of seconds, on speakers the music gives me more freedom, I can either listen to it or not. And when the music plays in the background I can focus better on it as I have to decide myself if I want to hear it. Does that make any sense?

4:53 Moriarty – Hanoï Blue (live, 2007)

März 14, 2010

The first time we met in a poolroom bar
We were dressed both the same
We looked like twins
You knelt down and invited me to dance

I heard this folk ballad for the first time live. And it gave me the shivers. Immediately there was a very intimate atmosphere, the intense music melded the musicians and the audience together. For five minutes time stood still and as in my childhood the world was a mysterious and beautiful place again.

4:54 Bill Evans – My Foolish Heart (1961)

März 13, 2010
Another jazz number which is even more relaxing than yesterday’s choice. There is an incredible lightness and playfulness in this piece. Somehow it reminds me of Satie. A somnambulistic interplay of piano, bass and drums. One of the great standards in a version which is as „there“ as a Japanese calligraphy. All speed has been sucked out and we are transported into the pure present.

a day a second (31-40)

März 13, 2010

Here are the solutions to the fourth bunch (1, 2, 3) of blindtests in my 2010 music countdown series a day a second. Until end of November I intend to post each day a song a second shorter and write a little bit about it.


März 12, 2010

My love has the eyes of a dreamer

It’s Friday evening, time to relax. Here is a song of one of my favourite female singers. Listening to your voice is like being embraced by you. The way you stretch the syllables is so cool, foxy lady.


März 11, 2010

I look to you and I see nothing
I look to you to see the truth

A sleepy voice to melt away, a sweet melody for daydreaming, a slow beat to make love to.


März 11, 2010

Someone take these dreams away
That point me to another day

I read an article based on an interview with Patti Smith in the subway this morning. There she said that she was religious but did not have enough time to pray to God anymore. Many of her friends have died and she has to talk to them first. If this does not give you a clue about the title of the song I don’t know what will.


März 9, 2010

Singing on the famous street
I want to love a boy that won’t love me

Not sure if she sings that, not sure if she sings any words except the title but it is definitely fun to try to decipher what she is singing. There is a lot of enthusiasm and positive vibrations in this song, it sounds festive as if something phantastic has to be announced. Like in that old book where the birth of an infant boy is proclaimed. The singer’s joy seems to flow over into her delivery. Today I received a totally unanticipated e-mail from the management with some good news. It took me by surprise. Here’s to you, Berlin!


März 8, 2010

It was dark as I drove the point home
and on cold leather seats
Well, it suddenly struck me
I just might die with a smile on my face
after all

I still cannot believe it. Another great songwriter has killed himself: Mark Linkous, the mastermind of Sparklehorse (their 1st album was amazing). He was one year older than me and he apparently suffered from depression. Like Vic Chesnutt who committed suicide on Christmas day, Linkous had had a very severe accident due to drug consumption. In 1996 after overdosing on a cocktail of alcohol, valium, antidepressants et al. his legs remained immobilised for 14 hours and his heart beat stopped for several minutes. But somehow he managed to survive without being handicapped too much. On Saturday he shot himself into his heart. Today’s song I chose yesterday before knowing of the sad event. By coincidence the lyrics mention death a couple of times. I hope Mark Linkous did die with a smile on his face. You can listen to the version of Eyepennies (my 5:28 song) where he duets with PJ Harvey here.



März 7, 2010
There is something about this instrumental that makes me feel uncomfortable. I first got into it a couple of years ago when the album cd played on the car-hifi and we were coming back from a family party in the South of Germany. The noise in the car made it a challenge to make out the melody of this piece, it took me two or three listens to fully realise the beauty of it. The synthesizer crescendo slowly building up, the reaching of the plateau, the sudden intrusion of a whirl wind and the transformation into a wonderful, simple, serene guitar tune. And then an even huger crescendo starts building up. What a richness of sounds, e.g. a kind of xylophone, some solemn strings, lots of nature noises and the strong pull of the drum programming. Somehow I associate this song with fascism, it totally grasps my aural sense. It sounds so incredibly rich, as irresistible and in the end unsatisfying as a marshmellow. I love it but I am very suspicious about it. I am afraid of the manipulative potential in this music. Quite similar to the Wagner preludes this washes and sweeps over me like an ocean wave and when the wave has passed I feel empty and somehow betrayed. Know what I mean?


März 6, 2010

Mieux vaut se taire
que paraître faux

The first French song here, I hope many will follow. This band from Toulouse succeeded in making some of the most exciting arty rock in the vein of the Velvet Underground in the first half of the nineties without finding an audience of more than a couple of thousand people. How could it be? At the same time a second rate hard rock act from Bordeaux cashed in. Mauvais goût if you ask me. Their singer did not get along with fame though. The unsuccessful band performing this jewel of a tuneful measured ballad with noisy guitar elements disbanded after three rather disparate albums. This is from their second longplay, their flirt with pop rock.


März 5, 2010

You just picked up a hitcher,
A prisoner of the white lines on the freeway

This ballad opens an album which has already been featured here with a song on Memphis, Tennessee. An album which flows like the viscous Mississippi, from the North to the South, getting wider and hotter near the delta and finally outpouring into the cool and dark ocean. This song is about travelling and falling in love on the road and about the loneliness when being with someone. For the first time I heard it on a hot summer day in a house of a stranger on a hill near a small lake South of Munich in 1985, I think. It was a place out of this world. Additionally I was the only person in the room when the record played. From the beginning on I was totally mesmerised. The interplay of the acoustic guitar and the electric bass, the way they move forward in a slow but determined manner was utter magic. It really sounded like a trip transformed into music. The singer’s warm and at the same time crystal-clear voice grabbed my attention immediately. Later on the meaning of the lyrics full of subtle images unfolded steadily. Add to that the flickering heat and the fabulous location and you may get an idea of the effect.

Do you know who this is? And remember, if you cheat, you just cheat yourself.


März 4, 2010

My feelings are hurt so easily
that is the price that I pay
the price that I do pay
to appreciate
the beauty they’re killing

I posted the b-side to this single a couple of days ago. When this came out for a week they were the greatest indie band of the world. Here they merge their emotional indie pop with a new genre which was just about to take off: shoegazing. A short definition: hypnotic & melodic guitar riffs soaked in distortion & noise repeated ad infinitum. The band in question did only record this track in this style, so music-wise this is rather untypical for them but lyric-wise this song is about one of the themes dear to the singer’s heart. His other big topic being – surprise, surprise – heart-ache itself.


März 3, 2010

Her aura supposed he is
For all of them home alone
And the soul, sleeps for days

This is from the first album of a band which created some of the most original and characteristic music of the 80s. Here they have not yet shaped their final smooth and heavenly sound which has been labelled ethereal by the critics. The female singer was just over 18 years old when this was recorded but her voice already has got that siren like quality which she accentuated over the years. In this track I really like the clash of the ominous, catchy bass line which starts the song and the pure female voice suddenly coming out of nowhere. It is like the collision of hell and heaven. The roughness of the overall sound makes this piece especially attractive to my ears.

a day a second (21-30)

März 3, 2010

Here are the solutions to the third bunch (1, 2) of blindtests in my 2010 music countdown series a day a second. Until end of November I intend to post each day a song a second shorter and write a little bit about it.


März 2, 2010

We walk like a ghost,
We learn dances brand new dances,
Like the nuclear bomb,

With this one I surprised myself. Last night I had the blues and was going for a different song by a band which has already been featured twice here. This morning I checked it again and I realised that my morning mood was too good for their song. I like melancholic music best when I am sad myself. Today’s choice therefore went to a song from a late disco or early new wave queen. She was pretty bizarre, actually thinking about her she was more than a woman. Something like a woman from another star. This song seems to be good stuff to explode on the dance floor to.


März 1, 2010

The greater is the beauty,
The profounder is the stain

Some music does not need to be wrapped up in words.

P.S. The link has been fixed, it pointed to Monday’s song.


März 1, 2010

This ocean will not be grasped

When the pond in Central Park is frozen in winter, the ducks are probably in the recording studio.


Februar 27, 2010

We’re only welcome for our drink and smoke

A song from one of my all-time favourite albums but a song which in comparison to most others from that record to me always seemed less spectacular, less immediately appealing, less lovable. But it perfectly encapsulates the sound of that album which is so relaxing and so warm. An album about searching a home when travelling. And only finding it on the road itself. The bass contributes a lot to this laid-back atmosphere, the bassist had found a unique way to make an electric instrument sound human. Unfortunately this was one of his last works.


Februar 26, 2010

We don’t need to argue
We just need each other

In a day, a second there was a song of this supergroup before. From the same eponymous debut album. This track is even stronger than that first choice. What a staggering dance groove. If you are able to refrain from moving your hips to this music chances are high that you are already dead. The funky keyboard, the hopping beats, the glistening guitar. And somehow this track manages to get even better near the end, when the keyboard starts reverberating and totally takes off into psychedelic wonderland in the instrumental coda. I really love those throwaway lyrics as well by the way. How could anyone not be moved by the naïve and the innocent?


Februar 25, 2010

I believe in love, I’ll believe in anything
That’s gonna get me what I want and get me off my knees
Then we’ll burn your house down, don’t it feel so good

This song is like an Irish Coffee. It warms you from the inside. Today I had my first day in the new Berlin office of my employer. And the sun was melting away the ice on the pavement. Yesterday morning there was still some snow falling and today it seemed as if spring had chased winter away. A good omen for my new life, I’d say.


Februar 24, 2010

This is a crisis I knew had to come
Destroying the balance I’d kept
Moving around to the next set of lives
Wondering what will come next

In my book they were the greatest of all rock bands. And live they were even more amazing than on the two albums they released. This song was played at the band’s last concert. You will probably know what happened after, if not read that last verse and it should be pretty clear. The singer’s delivery here is rather reserved, his voice is neither exaggeratedly low (in graveyard mode) nor does he shout like on many other songs. He has made a decision and he has found his peace. Besides him there are the two string manipulators. For once the bass is not playing lead, he takes himself back as well. A pounding background noise in the lower registers, that is all what is left of the bass here. And the electric guitar? Is adding little sketches of noise and slash, is not too prominent neither. How come that this song holds together despite all these instruments fading away into the off? It’s because of the drums which are very much upfront. They are played with a robotic precision and still they sound deeply human. They sound serious and powerful in contrast to the cartoonish and flat drum machines. They are played by the programmer and not by the program. Near the end there is a hiccup of the drums in comparison to the other instruments. Or vice versa. But somehow the band can get back into groove soon. The name of the song could refer to a religious feast but I think it is a synonym of passage.


Februar 23, 2010

In my imagination,
You are cast in gold,
Your image a compensation for me to hold.

The last song from the debut of this duo which I think is the only band of the zero years that I am enthusiastic about. In the beginning I was skeptical as they were hyped as the forerunners of a new movement but then it clicked soon. Their understated style, stressing the single notes – the piano just plays four notes over a period of 15 seconds in the beginning – proves my old belief that „less is more“. The slowly strummed amazingly natural sounding and resonating rhythm guitar gives this song a timeless quality, the singer seems to whisper not to wake someone up. There is this soothing effect on the listener like in a lullaby. After the first verse, the guitar melody can blossom slowly in all its melancholic beauty. In the next verse we realise that once again the instable state of love did not last for long. The notion that the two lovers who have quit each other are like parallels from now on and will never meet again but will always be close is an idea I can sympathise with a lot.


Februar 22, 2010

Lovers kneel by the roadside in pools of broken glass
Gator tails fly like black angels from the wheels – as they pass

That oriental riff totally bewitches me. I feel like being hypnotised by a snake charmer. But unlike the dancing snake I am transfixed. The riff goes straight to my head. And then this incredible voice which makes Tom Waits sound like a show-off. Usually I don’t like heavy music but here it works. At the end the singer introduces the next song in the live set by saying what it is about. This band has got a soft spot for hallucinogenic substances combined with sexual allusions of the phallic kind. Guess what their name stands for!


Februar 21, 2010

I’ll think of you always
For you know it as well as I
That for you I would have died
and would still die

Yesterday I thought that winter was over as most of the snow had melted. Last night I saw a dark, low hanging cloud cover in the evening sky though and thought that we would have some rain today. But this morning everything was white again, huge, wet snow flakes were falling down and shortly after 9 am most neighbours were shovelling the snow off the pavement.

Today’s song is a love song by an indie band which never really made it. They had one „hit“ which got some airplay in the British indie pop world. The B-side of that single is this little ballad on the unfulfilled love between the male singer-songwriter of the band and the female singer. From the second verse on they duet here. This song – as most of said band’s œuvre – has got an innocent, naive and sentimental touch to it. An understated, wistful guitar melody opens the song which is about a love which was not meant to last. The man and the woman have to go different ways and they both seem to have accepted it.

a day a second (11-20)

Februar 20, 2010

Here are the solutions to the second bunch (1) of blindtests in my 2010 music countdown series a day a second. Until end of November I intend to post each day a song a second shorter and write a little bit about it.


Februar 20, 2010

Oh Elise it doesn’t matter what you do
I know I never really get inside of you
To make your eyes catch fire

Another band from Engeland. The one word describing them best is mopey. But here like on their phantastic single from the same album (it must have been their biggest hit, it came really late in their career) they are kind of upbeat and almost jubilating. This song makes me think of a love affair. Or more. There was this girl I was totally nuts about in L. I won’t tell a lot but in 1991 when I met her first and wanted so badly to be with her, she didn’t want to. One spring later she came back and shortly after this album came out we listened together to it and finally made out. But somehow it was too late.


Februar 19, 2010

I don’t belong to no one
But I want to be with you
I can’t be owned by no one
What am I supposed to do?

What a surprise. Another British synthpop (with a strong guitar component though) band from the 1980s. That is the genre which is apparently reigning the 5+ minute song in my music collection. We had this band before in this series but it was a song from the early 80s where they had to overcome the shock of the suicide of their original singer. A heavy, dark affair. Here we meet them at the end of the decade and they have honed their sound which is light and sad at the same time. They were the champions of catchy, melancholic tunes with straight lyrics to dance to. I really love the natural sound of the acoustic guitar in the beginning which is then topped by a second guitar playing the melody. Miraculous.


Februar 18, 2010

From the place that I stand
to the land that is openly free;
Watching rivers run black by the trees
that are vacant to greed.

I really have no clue what those lyrics are about. They seem to be about nature and environmental pollution. And when I hear greed I think about financial crisis and our dim future. This song surely was not about this theme, it is about a quarter of a century old.

Every time I hear the way the vocalist sings the line „Gotta give it up“ it takes me by surprise. There is so much positive energy in his delivery, everyone can hear that the words really come from his heart. Does he refer to giving up greed? I’d like to know more about this. By the way the album this is on is a great starting point for this band. They were just about to move from pop to post pop.

I am not certain if you are aware that a song of this group has already been chosen in this project. Anyways they have definitely earned it and I would not be unhappy for a third piece by them though chances are rather poor as they specialised in longish tracks.

Hello everybody

Februar 17, 2010

Hi James,
Hi John,
Hi Robert,
Hi Michael,
Hi Mary,
Hi William,
Hi David,
Hi Richard,
Hi Charles,
Hi Joseph,
Hi Thomas,
Hi Patricia,
Hi Christopher,
Hi Linda,
Hi Barbara,
Hi Daniel,
Hi Paul,
Hi M.,

Thank you very much for checking my blog.

P.S. Those are the 17+1 most popular names and 18 is the number of visitors I had today. I cannot say how glad I am that this has not turned into an unpersonal, anonymous place yet. Additionally this means that the three digit growth rates are still ahead. We are about to rock the web. Yay!

There are still almost twenty minutes to go, so I say some more Hi’s, either for today or for tomorrow. Thanks for listening and reading!

Hi Mark,
Hi Elizabeth,
Hi Jennifer.


Februar 17, 2010

I’m in the hands of fate
I hand myself
Over on a plate

After the first 20 seconds or so for a wink I thought this was a different band, also British, also synthpop and also 1980s. But that band has more of a playful melancholic thing going on in their dance music whereas this lot has got more of a darkish goth component. Mainly due to the singer’s voice, I guess. Their hooks are also hookier in a massive way if you know what I mean. From the lyrics I thought this song was about a guy who was going to a party with his girl-friend, getting drunk there and then letting her drive him home (I have done it many times, I confess). But it could actually be about quite the opposite, i.e. a bloke who gives the control over to his partner, who likes to be dominated by women. Whatever. Who cares about lyrics in pop songs? On this track I hear all these little hammers punching the beat. They are ubiquitous, come from all sides, left, right, up and down. And somehow they seem to be melodic hammers. Of course it is the synthesizer playing the tune but in my mind it spills over to the drum machine. Which for once fits perfectly.

Having fun with MBV

Februar 16, 2010

Some jokes lifted from this thread:


Q. How many My Bloody Valentines does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. One. But he takes 20 years to do it! And everybody stands around and applauds while he’s doing it!

Main dish:

Q: What did Belinda and Kevin drink together before having sex?
A: Strawberry wine. (Strawberry Wine is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Kevin say to Belinda when they were making out before sex?
A: „Feed me with your kiss.“ (Feed Me With Your Kiss is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Belinda say when she felt Kevin’s erection when they were making out?
A: „I can see it (but I can’t feel it). (I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It) is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: How did Belinda describe herself right before having sex with Kevin?
A: „Emptiness inside.“ (Emptiness Inside is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Kevin say when he had sex with Belinda?
A: „Soft as snow (but warm inside).“ (Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Belinda say when she was talking dirty to Kevin during sex?
A: „(Please) lose yourself in me.“ ((Please) Lose Yourself In Me is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Kevin say when he was talking dirty to Belinda during sex?
A: „Drive it all over me.“ (Drive It All Over Me is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Belinda say when she was getting tired of sex?
A: „Lose my breath.“ (Lose My Breath is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Kevin say when Belinda asked when he was going to climax during sex?
A: „Soon.“ (Soon is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Belinda say to Kevin right before he climaxed during sex?
A: „Cupid come.“ (Cupid Come is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Kevin say to Belinda when he pulled out and climaxed during sex?
A: „Swallow.“ (Swallow is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What did Belinda suggest after sex with Kevin was over?
A: „Cigarette in your bed.“ (Cigarette In Your Bed is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What was Belinda thinking after sex with Kevin?
A: „Never say goodbye.“ (Never Say Goodbye is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)

Q: What was Kevin thinking after sex with Belinda?
A: „(You’re) safe in your sleep (from this girl).“ ((You’re) Safe In Your Sleep (From This Girl) is a song by My Bloody Valentine!)


Q: How does Kevin Shields keep from going deaf at My Bloody Valentine concerts?

A: Kevin shields his ears!


Februar 16, 2010

I am strong enough
To be weak in your arms

On days like these I get the impression that I am the only normal person on earth. Everybody else seems to be insane (and additionally has a music taste inferior to my own, just joking). Yes you heard it right, you are all totally nuts. You have a budget of millions of euros and you spend your time saving a stamp for a letter and a roll for a guest. Or you buy stuff for half of half the price (after negotiating) and then you are surprised that the stuff does not work. Or you put the stuff in the cellar where there is lots of other stuff and you don’t find it anymore after buying more stuff to stuff in the cellar. Or you are insincere to a good friend of yours. And you think much more about others than about yourself. When you actually should think more about yourself. Or you write superfluous blog posts like this one. See, it is infectious, I am crazy too now.


Februar 15, 2010

I wish that you were here
We’d have a tea party to celebrate
We’d drive a cop car into the lake
and hold our breath for two long boring days

More than the visual arts or the literature music has a direct appeal to the beholder. Either you like a piece or you don’t. Reflection or discussion will usually not change your mind. Music can repel us or overwhelm us, we are at it’s mercy. Sometimes it will take us some time to „get“ certain music, sometimes the impact will be direct. For me this is an example of the latter. Ten seconds in and I am already captivated by the miraculous guitar line appearing after the drum intro. Another twenty seconds and the singer joins in with his pleasant soft voice. And then the keyboard doubles that magic tune, it almost sounds a little cheesy but it has got a relieving effect. The subsequent humming and the intertwined singing of the two singers add some more harmony to this, it reminds me of the grapes of muscat which can be so sweet that they give you a headache. I don’t know where this song came from – and I don’t mean California here – but it sounds incredibly mature and wise. It must be at least ten thousand years old.


Februar 14, 2010

Still some people they brand you ya
Just because you are rasta
You move to the country
You live in the hills

Due to their signature sound it should be easy to guess this bunch. They just released a new album which has not clicked with me at all. Here they are on the height of their power though. A wonderful groove bathing in thick layers of dub. I also like the soft vocals very much on this one. The overall vibe is a special mix of relaxed reggae lightness and ponderous British murk. It gives the track which is about the intolerance towards the rastas in the cities an ambivalent character. Imagine some heavy rain in the city, you are in the cellar and suddenly the end of a rainbow peeks into the cellar window. And you start your sluggish dance of joy in the basement. The only problem: Why does the track stop in the middle? It could have gone on for an hour or so if you ask me.


Februar 13, 2010

you break away
without a sound

Why have fun on carnival if you can also be depressive and suicidal? The thing about this slow, dark, brooding song from sunny LA is that it never actually brings me down. On the contrary in a way it lifts me up, it works like a balm for the wounded soul, when I am in a bad mood this kind of heavy tuneful music is like a friend who comforts me. Besides that the CD this is on which was one of my 40 albums from this project is our favourite soundtrack for bed action. The gradually evolving songs with lots of pauses and the deep baritone make it easy to totally forget about the rest of the world and just do it. The slower, the better.


Februar 12, 2010

My love she speaks like silence,
Without ideals or violence,
She doesn’t have to say she’s faithful,
Yet she’s true, like ice, like fire.

To choose the daily track I listen to all the songs with the appropriate length which are on my iPod – between 30 and 50 at the moment – and choose my absolute favourite. Usually it is a tune that jumps at me but not always. Today like yesterday I had already given up when this song came up. Again it was the last one in the playlist. What else could I have chosen? The one after the last song? There we are at a koan and this song fits well into this kind of stuff. This song is personal, it is a declaration of love for the woman the singer is just about to marry. It became one of his most famous songs and he must have played it hundreds if not thousands of times. After a while he did not want to play it anymore but he had to, the audience insisted. So he changed it, he massacrated it so that it was almost impossible to recognize it. When I saw him in Frankfurt a couple of years ago, it took me more than a minute to realize what song he and his band were playing. On this live version from the first half of the nineties he still loves his tune though. Everything is shaking and falling apart in this song except his lover’s love. She is well above all the earthly ado. Probably closer to Buddha than to him. This is originally on the album where according common belief he changed from acoustic to electric. Listening to this song it seems to be another legend in his life which already is not short of myths.


Februar 11, 2010

The second instrumental, I think after about five seconds everybody who has a minimal knowledge of music should know who the composer is. I associate this kind of music with winter and especially with Sundays in December, it has got this comforting ideal world feel, everything falls into place, it is all so well-measured, it’s almost too perfect. That setting was my parents‘ house and I had to escape from it. Of course somehow I have always loved the stringent beauty of a fugue – this is a good example – but in my childhood it has all been a little bit too much. Fortunately these days I can enjoy this presto movement of one of his most famous concerts for violin, two flutes and strings. In the end there is no doubt that he was the greatest of all composers.

a day a second (1-10)

Februar 11, 2010

Here are the first ten posts in my 2010 musical countdown series a day a second. The rules are easy: On 1st of January the year has 365 days left, therefore the first day of the year gets 365 seconds, the second day gets 364 seconds etc just to the last day December, 31st which gets one second. I only started Februray, 1st, so my first song had 365-31=334 seconds, which is 5 minutes 34. My plan is to continue until end of November and skip the last month of quickies. Please keep your fingers crossed that I’ll make it. I intended this as a sort of blindtest for the readers and hoped you would all be guessing what kind of music I was posting here. Maybe you were but you did not communicate that in the comments. Never mind. Here are the solutions to the first ten blindtests:


Februar 10, 2010

Heaven bless you in your calm
My gentle friend

This is the band that became more and more quiet with every album until they arrived to the silence which they haven’t broken for almost twenty years now. I would still not know which genre name this piece would fall under, it is neither rock, nor jazz, nor classical, nor world but it has something of all four. Just thinking of it, they were actually the band the term post-rock was coined for at the time. Something is for sure, this is very organic chamber music (it’s not by chance that all instruments are acoustic) and it has a spiritual vibe to it. Especially the way they use pauses and simple tones has always captivated me. There is also an improvisational feel to it, there are some dissonant parts which do not sound disharmonic any more to my ears after many times of listening. There is no band which has ever successfully continued what this band has accomplished and I don’t think I am the only one to hope that they will return one day. They – and especially their singer – are the Messiah of pop music.


Februar 9, 2010

There are things I want to do but I don’t know
If they will be with you, if they will be with you
There are things I want to say but I don’t know
If they will be to you, if they will be to you

The ninth song and already the third one from 1991. It definitely has to do with the fact that during that year I seriously got into listening to indie rock but I also think that 1991 objectively was one of the most exciting years in rock music history.

It took me some time to appreciate the music of the band in question. In the beginning I found it boring and too soft. In comparison to the other music at the time I might have had a point. But after a while I got into their extremely tuneful version of noisy pop (that’s how the French DJ from France Inter, Bernard Lenoir called this kind of music, others called it power pop). They are from Scotland and there is something about the knack of Scottish bands for melody. Could it have to do with their rough, hard, germanic accent which they can hide when singing? What always amazes me is that I can’t hear their accent when they sing but when they talk it kills me.

The name of this song which I only found out about a while ago still makes me smile. It basically condenses how I spent my vacations when I was twentysomething. The word is invented. Like many German words it concatenates two other words. It makes me think of the image for a hangover a Scottish bloke told me on my travels. It’s when your head feels like a box of frogs.

That verse above always breaks my heart when I hear them sing it. It is so bloody cruel. Because somehow I imagine she is in love with him which is probably totally off the mark. Anyways this is a song I can bath in and bathing (together with walking) is my favourite pastime. One last advice: I think on headphones this sounds better than on loudspeakers. But what good song doesn’t?


Februar 8, 2010

Look at me, I always get the blame
But I can’t even learn to spell my name
I like to read, I like to write
But where I live I learn to fight

Another light-weight song I also chose for nostalgic reasons. When this album came out everybody within our clique in Luxembourg purchased it within a couple of weeks. It was the soundtrack to the early summer of 1991. A very consistent album of easy-going europop numbers by a supergroup which for once delivered the goods. The lyrics were not exactly poetry but that has always been part of the charm of the songs the singer wrote in this or his more famous other band. It is weird that this beat driven music which uses a drum machine, a synthesizer and many electronic sounds from the can did actually find the way into my ear. One reason might be that I was younger at the time and more open, other and more important reasons are probably that the melodies despite all the elaborate production are breezy and that there is this sunny, good vibrations side attached to the tracks. There might be better songs on this album than the one I selected here but this one has the advantage that it lasts 5 minutes and 27 seconds. That’s what iTunes says at least.