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wie im richtigen leben

März 10, 2011

Weiß zieht und gewinnt.

Wieder eine geklaute Schachaufgabe. Weiß zieht und gewinnt. Der schwarze König wird erst einmal verführt, dann über das komplette Brett gejagt und schließlich versetzt ihm sein Counterpart den Todesstoß indem er einfach aus der Schusslinie geht. Man möchte es kaum glauben, dass so etwas in einer realen Partie passiert ist. Der Führer der weißen Steine war hier übrigens Eduard Lasker.

5’51 Death – Politicians in My Eyes (1975)

März 10, 2011

Always trying to be slick
When they tell us their lies
They’re responsible for
sending young men to die

Death were a black trio from Detroit who made some kind of hard rock in the early seventies without any success. They were soon forgotten and were rediscovered a couple of years ago. Here they basically repeat one huge bass riff ad aeternam, use lots of beautiful distortion and sing about what they think about politicians near the end of the Vietnam war. Today one politician, the German ex-minister of defence, Mr Guttenberg received the grand tattoo (Großer Zapfenstreich) which is played by the military marching band. He had resigned from office last week because of a copyright scandal concerning his dissertation. For his sending-off he could choose three pieces of music and one of them was Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water which surprised some people as he is known as a huge AC/DC fan. He should have chosen this Death song instead as not only the music is superior to the old histrionic and bombastic Deep Purple riff which has been played to death a long time ago but the lyrics would have fit almost exactly on his hopefully short career as a politician.

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P.S. Somehow this Death track reminds me of Golden Earring’s Radar Love which is older – from 1973 – and used to be one of my favourite songs they played in the cellar disco I went to in the mid-seventies. When the song began the girls used to kneel down and started to spin their heads and whirl around their long hair. It was phantatstic. Just listened to the song again, it did not age well at all.