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Juni 5, 2022

Konflikt auflösen

durch geschicktes Ausnutzen

des Gegners Schwäche

[Molière – Der Geizige, Hans Otto Theater, Am Tiefen See, Potsdam]


Oktober 9, 2021


So ’ne Leber, kein Rückgrat.

Der Rest ist Schweigen.

[Klaus Pohl liest Sein oder Nichtsein]

0:15 Bill Evans – I’ll See You Again (1964)

Februar 6, 2011
Tonight we went to see Eugene O’Neill’s autobiographical Long Day’s Journey into Night at the Renaissance Theater. David Bennent who I had noticed first and last in the Tin Drum more than thirty years ago played the twentysomething Edmund who was suffering from tuberculosis like O’Neill himself in his early years. His brother, the alcoholic Jamie was played by Ben Becker, a rather well-known German actor who had fought with drugs himself in the recent past. The father James, a miserly actor with a penchant for Whisky was incarnated by Gerd Böckmann, another well known actor. The story was simple. The whole family including the mother who was addicted to morphium lived in a pseudo-reality. The American dream had turned into a nightmare. By the way the piece was a little too long and repetitive for my likes.

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