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November 19, 2021

Kein Licht im Regen.

Dynamorädchen steht still.

Gleitreibung zu schwach.


Februar 25, 2021

Gebe Ahornfrucht

auf dem Fenstersims ’nen Schubs:


close your eyes & you’ll see

März 10, 2009

The weird things he predicted are real and they can, indeed, only be seen by people who are not looking.

That’s not totally absurd but I don’t get the relation between Hardy’s paradox and the new findings. His thought experiment states that the encounter of matter and antimatter does not have to result in the annihilation of the two but can result in an interaction where they both survive. But this can only work if there is no observer. The new experiments show that there can be a negative number of polarized photons in some places. How can this be explained with the thought experiment if antiphotons do not exist?