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Blindtest #2

Dezember 15, 2009

This is from the same year as the Gun Club song before. Besides that there aren’t too many connections I can think of. Not quite true, they sing in English too. Whenever I hear something by this band I immediately get the feeling that the music comes from a different planet which is actually not totally wrong: They are from the other side of the earth. It sounds so fresh, so naive, so innocent, so light-hearted, so breezy. The place this music comes from must be a sunny place near the sea without too much rain and without dark, long winters. And it is. The name of the group is the name of a small, cute mammal with relatively big eyes native to the region where the band comes from. The internet does not know a lot about them. They have a myspace site though. Why they never broke through is one of the huge mysteries of popular music for me. All they ever released were a couple of singles and a compilation made from them where I got the track from.