picture story song


Clusters of people talking secretly to each other
Clusters of people talking secretly to each other

In a bar you cannot talk openly to anyone you don't already know
In a bar you cannot talk openly
to anyone you don’t already know

4 year olds
4-year olds
They have got the right idea
They jump the line and hit it on the nose

80 windows
When we sit and we get quiet
Then we look and see who’s home across the way
There are 80 windows we can see

christmas tree
It’s Christmas-time and they all have the same tree
You tell me the patterns you already see

couple in bed
I wonder if they see us in our bed

father eats with son
You said you like the one with the father
who always eats with his son

rows of lights
I like the rows of lights
because they keep me calm

moon and sun
I feel far away from you
So what else is new?
The moon is closer to the sun
than I am to anyone

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    […] Nada Surf – 80 Windows (1998) By ohrensause I posted this song before as a picture story song. I looked for images on the web illustrating the situations and places described in the lyrics. The […]

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