5’39 Tord Gustavsen Trio – Tears Transforming (2005)

Tord Gustavsen has been my favourite jazz pianist for quite a while now. In the early eighties it used to be Keith Jarrett (cf.). One difference between them is that whereas Keith Jarrett used to moan during his solo concerts, Tord Gustavsen remains perfectly quiet and only plays his instrument. The trio is a perfect place for him. Bass, drums and piano, it really is a minimal setting but absolutely sufficient to create the kind of intimate chamber jazz music I adore. Like Jarrett Gustavsen is on the Munich ECM label and he definitely belongs there with his introspective sound. I listened to this phantastic understated piece this morning on our leather couch with the B**e ear plugs and it was a revelation. The tender melody starting the piece, the subtle cymbals, the slow unfolding of things. Marvelous stuff, just listen and forget about these superfluous words…

(The list of all 339 selections since 1st February 2010 is here.)

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