5’47 Portishead – Threads (2008)


I’m worn, tired of my mind
I’m worn out, thinking of why
I’m always so unsure

I am tired and unsure too, so I know what Beth is singing about. This song closes Portishead’s amazing comeback Third from almost three years ago. It is the last song we have heard from them – I think – and from the mood it joins their stark and oppressive debut; it is quite an antidote to yesterday’s shiny High Llamas song. Today we walked near the lake of Tegel which was still frozen at the parts not exposed to the current. Here in Berlin it is still bloody cold, they have announced minus eight for tonight. Additionally there was a lot of chilly wind hitting us hard in Lübars, the last remaining village of Berlin which must have a horse population significantly higher than the number of inhabitants. The sun which shone brightly kind of reconciliated us with the winterly climatic conditions.

(The list of all 347 selections since 1st February 2010 is here)

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