6:05 Maximum Joy – Let It Take You There (1982)

A forgotten band from Bristol – long before it became famous for trip-hop – with a funky and vibrant post-punk track. Is there a more adequate way to finish off a project which stayed an insider tip for more than a year from the beginning to the end? Thanks for the comments, especially from here, here and here. Next will be the book of course (Nick Hornby will be put to shame) and then the audio book consisting of four cd-roms with all songs in 192 bit+ mp3 quality plus my avid and erudite comments read by myself. I am still thinking about the film but it will definitely feature all musicians – if still alive – which have been performing the music. There is a lot of organisation involved which will keep me busy for the next twelve months. Merchandise will include cups with implanted chips and loudspeakers, a teddy bear reading the posts and a card game with 365 singing cards. Some more thanks go to Charles Babbage and Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the computer and the internet, the Fraunhofer institute for the mp3 compression algorithm, WordPress for the blogging software and the servers, Google also for its servers, Apple for the iPod, Bose for the ear plugs, all the musicians and composers, my readers and listeners, the evolution for my ears and fingers, my teachers for teaching me how to write in German and English and finally my parents for making me. Did I forget someone?

(The list of all 365 selections since 1st February 2010 is here).

5 Antworten to “6:05 Maximum Joy – Let It Take You There (1982)”

  1. I. Says:

    Ein bißchen schade is es schon… aber ich hätte dann gerne so eine Tasse für die Arbeit 😉 Rinjehaun lieber A.

  2. ohrensause Says:

    hab dich schon mal vorgemerkt. arbeite allerdings noch an der wasserdichtigkeit des chips und des lautsprechers. gelegentlich spülen können sollte man die tasse ja schon …

  3. Nicola Says:

    Schade Alex – ich habe es gerade eben realisiert, dass hier wirklich Schluss ist – es war sehr charmant mit Dir, vielen Dank! Und all the best!

  4. Olaf Says:

    Schade, dass hier Schluss ist… habe gerne immer mal wieder reingeschaut.

  5. ohrensause Says:

    Danke für die netten Worte. Richtig Schluss – wenn man mal von dem Songprojekt absieht – ist hier noch nicht, ich mache nur gerade mal eine Denk-, äh Blogpause.

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