5’53 Ilhan Mimaroğlu – Fragmentation (1973)

Today I read an interview with Henryk Broder in Die Zeit where he said something about the angst of the – even after 47 years I hesitate to write ‚us‘ – Gernans. He thinks the Germans are still waiting for the punishment for what they have done to the world and especially to the Jews 70 years ago. In the meantime another nation which fought on the same side as the Germans has been punished twice. First in August 1945 when the Americans dropped two atomic bombs on two Japanese large cities: a cruel operation which was totally useless in terms of military logic. And for the second time yesterday morning. One of the strongest earthquakes ever hit the main island, a tsunami followed and a nuclear plant only 240 km from Tokyo has apparently exploded. We don’t know what will be the next terrible news from Nippon but I am sure the cherries will blossom in the next two weeks like they do every year. Nature is simply stronger than death.

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