0:12 Charles Mingus – Coin in the Pocket (1979)

I never had it too, too hard, you know
all my life, you know
just everything I touched, turned to gold
I am not rich but you know I always have some dollars in my pockets

From one of the great underrated masterpieces, Joni Mitchell’s Mingus. Joni always had a faible for bass players who in turn loved her, she even married one later on. Charles Mingus had contacted her after having heard the phantastic improvisational orchestrated piano piece Paprika Plains from Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter and wanted to work with her. The fruit of their collaboration was the Mingus album which was released without a lot of critical feedback just after his sudden death. Here he raps with his warm bass voice about his rather serendipitous relation to money.

(The list of all 323 selections since 1st February 2010 is here.)

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