0:42 Deerhoof – The Eyebright Bugler (2002)

IIRC Deerhoof are a music collective from San Franciso. Most striking about them is their singer of Japanese origin with a high-pitch voice you can’t forget. I am not sure but Japanese women seem to be able to scream like no other females (Yoko Ono or the singer of Blonde Redhead come to mind). I would like to have been at this Tokyo concert of The Beatles in 1966 just for the screaming of the Nippon girls. The song is a letdown as the band doesn’t get its act together – esp. Paul seems to be totally out of sync – but I think they can be pardonned with all that shrieking action of the audience going on.

(The list of all 293 chosen tracks since February, 1st, 2010 is here).

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