0:44 Nick Drake – Saturday Sun (1969)

Saturday sun came early one morning
In a sky so clear and blue
Saturday sun came without warning
So no-one knew what to do.

The complete version of this song finishes off Nick Drake’s first – and my favourite – album of his. Here he just starts the song on the piano, sings a couple of verses from the distance and then closes the lid of the piano with a bang. This broken up rendering with some classical opera(?) music in the background somehow summarizes Nick Drake’s life much better than the long version. Additionally it is Saturday tomorrow and according to the weather forecast sunshine will be quite improbable in Berlin. So if it occurs nobody will know what to do again! This is actually the first time I have chosen the same song twice. I should have done that more often.

(The list of all 291 chosen tracks since February, 1st, 2010 is here).

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