2:50 Nick Drake – Milk and Honey (Jackson C. Frank, 1967/68)

Gold and silver
Is the autumn
Soft and tender
Are the skies
Yes and no
Are the answers
Written in
My true love’s eyes

I couldn’t decide if The Smiths Handsome Devil or The House of Love’s Man to Child was better so I went for this. I didn’t even know this song beforehand. It was recorded as a demo tape in Tanworth in Arden, the sound quality is rather poor, there are background noises which add a certain charm of imperfection and authenticity to it. For some reason I needed something pure and stark tonight. Here it is. An early Nick Drake recording where he covers someone else who did not become famous neither. Would it have changed something for Nick Drake if he had become succesful? In the past I had always hoped that it would not have changed a thing, that he would have killed himself anyway. But these days I am not so sure anymore. Does anybody know what I am talking about? I have no clue whatsoever why I wrote this in English by the way. Somehow it wouldn’t have felt right in German.

(Die Liste aller seit dem 1. Februar ausgewählten 165 Songs ist hier.)

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