4:46 Santana – Samba Pa Ti (1970)

This is an instrumental which has left a lasting impression on me in my teenage years. I wrote about it (in tedesco) before.

Eine Antwort to “4:46 Santana – Samba Pa Ti (1970)”

  1. mannaman Says:

    Classic! Wished I had a replaybutton on my tape recorder. Today, everything is so easy. And my theory for my own consumption of music is the following:
    Back in the days, I was busy ordering import records, asking friends for taping an album, exchanged tapes and LPs. All this effort made me appreciate the value of music more.
    Today, I open iTunes*, click a few buttons and push it on my iPhone that carries more songs than a regular IKEA billy shelf can handle. The appreciation is correlated to the effort of obtaining.

    Progress sucks.

    * or I use one of these other sources of supply.

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