4:52 Arizona Amp and Alternator – Where the Wind Turns the Skin to Leather (2005)


messing with the strongest laws of nature
love grows large and you can’t escape her
dealing with the flaws of rapture
love grows large even after departure

From Tucson, Arizona one of America’s finest rock musicians. You can hear the desert sand trickling through the guitar chords. The last couple of days I did not enjoy listening to music at all. But yesterday going from Frankfurt to Berlin by car the appreciation returned. I think there are two main reasons. First I was feeling good, I was neither stressed nor emotionally feeling tense. Maybe even more important was that I listened on speakers and not on headphones. On earplugs I have the tendency to skip tracks after a couple of seconds, on speakers the music gives me more freedom, I can either listen to it or not. And when the music plays in the background I can focus better on it as I have to decide myself if I want to hear it. Does that make any sense?

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