There is something about this instrumental that makes me feel uncomfortable. I first got into it a couple of years ago when the album cd played on the car-hifi and we were coming back from a family party in the South of Germany. The noise in the car made it a challenge to make out the melody of this piece, it took me two or three listens to fully realise the beauty of it. The synthesizer crescendo slowly building up, the reaching of the plateau, the sudden intrusion of a whirl wind and the transformation into a wonderful, simple, serene guitar tune. And then an even huger crescendo starts building up. What a richness of sounds, e.g. a kind of xylophone, some solemn strings, lots of nature noises and the strong pull of the drum programming. Somehow I associate this song with fascism, it totally grasps my aural sense. It sounds so incredibly rich, as irresistible and in the end unsatisfying as a marshmellow. I love it but I am very suspicious about it. I am afraid of the manipulative potential in this music. Quite similar to the Wagner preludes this washes and sweeps over me like an ocean wave and when the wave has passed I feel empty and somehow betrayed. Know what I mean?

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