You just picked up a hitcher,
A prisoner of the white lines on the freeway

This ballad opens an album which has already been featured here with a song on Memphis, Tennessee. An album which flows like the viscous Mississippi, from the North to the South, getting wider and hotter near the delta and finally outpouring into the cool and dark ocean. This song is about travelling and falling in love on the road and about the loneliness when being with someone. For the first time I heard it on a hot summer day in a house of a stranger on a hill near a small lake South of Munich in 1985, I think. It was a place out of this world. Additionally I was the only person in the room when the record played. From the beginning on I was totally mesmerised. The interplay of the acoustic guitar and the electric bass, the way they move forward in a slow but determined manner was utter magic. It really sounded like a trip transformed into music. The singer’s warm and at the same time crystal-clear voice grabbed my attention immediately. Later on the meaning of the lyrics full of subtle images unfolded steadily. Add to that the flickering heat and the fabulous location and you may get an idea of the effect.

Do you know who this is? And remember, if you cheat, you just cheat yourself.

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