Where is the grim reaper when you need him?

Personally, I am hoping for one of those massive heart attacks (not the little sort that merely leave you an invalid). So too are most of the doctors that I know. Going out with a bang on the golf course is the physicians‘ preferred exit route. Though quite why they persist in prescribing for the rest of us pills that will make such an event less likely and consign us to far less desirable forms of death, is a bit of a mystery. I’m still waiting to meet a medic who greets my high blood pressure and raised cholesterol with a smile and a warm prediction of a premature but speedy end. (source)

What a naive question about the fact that doctors prescribe medicine which does prolong the life of a person who has turned into a zombie. They and the whole „health“ industry want to make money, what else. A quick, painless death of the patient is not in their interest. Their favourite scenario would be a long, painless death where lots of pills and other medicine will be consumed by the patient. Maybe I should restart smoking just for maximizing my chance for a massive heart attack. But of course tonight I have no urge whatever to smoke. Tomorrow then.

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