0:01 Alex whistles with four fingers (2011)

This is the final piece of my music countdown project. I learnt normal whistling about 40 years ago from my father’s mother. My parents gave up soon on me but she had enough patience to teach me how to do it. Actually out of tune whistling is the only music production technique – except out of tune singing – that I master. Today’s track though concerns a slight variation, the finger whistle which I learnt a couple of days ago. Many thanks to my colleague A. who gave me the idea. This is the video where I learnt it from and the secret is actually to fold back the tongue with the four fingers. Something which sounds easy but isn’t. My fingers usually slip on the tongue and I have big problems to get a whistling sound out of my mouth. I succeeded to whistle this way for a short time, that is one reason why the track is only a second long.

(The list of all 334 selections since 1st February 2010 is here.)

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