I participated in the I Love Music alternate 1970s albums poll and my ballot actually made a difference. Three albums entered the top 100 only because of my votes. Here is a small taster of those albums with one track each.

Chic’s second album C’est Chic from 1978 just about made the top 100 on position 99. The first song from it, Chic Cheer is one of my favourites due to the groovy bass line. It is so perfectly tight and self-sufficient. If this does not fill the dancefloor, you have invited the wrong people to your party.

On position 97 we had Patti Smith’s debut Horses of 1975. The opener has some of the most famous and strongest opening lines of any song in pop history.

Jesus died for somebody’s sins. But not mine.

And soon after that the band starts rocking out and she starts screaming and howling. It has to be taken into account that this was before punk had had its breakthrough, the music stations in the US were playing streamlined stuff like The Eagles and Steely Dan at the time. Patti Smith proved that poetry and rawk did not exclude each other.

Neu!’s 2
from 1973 arrived at position 90. Krautrock from Düsseldorf with Klaus Dinger’s motorik drum beat. Maybe only their third best album after the debut and Neu! 75 but still as good as it gets. Especially this almost bukolic instrumental called Neuschnee (fresh-fallen snow) which fits quite well with the weather situation in Germany right now.

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