Here Before

is the three syllable name (cf. the first three LPs) of the new album by The Feelies which is supposed to be out in April. It has only been 19 years since their last and fourth offering Time for a Witness. There is a song called Should Be Gone from the new album over at Pitchfork. Breezy, tuneful, intricate and lovely as always. Maybe a little heavier than usual, the guitars have aged a little but they have aged well. In the meantime until April we can kill time by listening to the wonderful live show at NPR’s World Cafe from May last year where they played four of their classics. These new interpretations are for indie guitar rock what Glenn Gould’s second performance of the Goldberg Variations in 1981 was for classical music. Only better! Concerning news and stuff (the Wikipedia article still does not mention the forthcoming album), the I Love Music thread is a safe bet.

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