Blindtest #1

He was from LA, CA but the music he and his band made always had more of a dark aspect to it which contrasted with the bright Californian sun. There was something obsessed about him and his music. As if he was trying to exorcise the devil from his own body with his shouting. The name of his band described something very American and it fit quite well with the music. With their first album they immediately broke through. They did not become famous or rich but they had established a new name on the map of rock’n’roll. They fused punk and blues to a style some people called psychobilly. Their songs were blasting of energy, he seemed to be delivering his soul while singing. He spent ten years in London before he returned to the US. Like many other rock musicians he fought with drugs and in the end he lost the battle. He died 37 old years old, the alcohol had taken its toll on his body. The song from above is from his last album. Which has a completely different vibe than the others, it is very calm and relaxed, as if he had already made peace with the world.

4 Antworten to “Blindtest #1”

  1. koalarama Says:

    Johnny’s got a light in his eyes and Shirley’s got a light on her lips
    Jakes got a monkeyshine on his head and Debra Ann’s got a tiger in her hips
    they can twist and turn they can move and burn
    they can throw themselves against the wall
    but they creep for what they need
    and they explode to the call and then they move
    Sex beat, go

    They’re stupid like I told ya, very stupid like ya saw
    very stupid as the simple thought of ever thinking at all
    and all their mind, all their souls all their bodies all we know
    all we know all the things that should a made us whole
    all the colourless security was all that someone could go and move, move
    Sex beat, drop

    and yes you do look cool and by the floodlights so blue
    you make my tropical apartment bed, your sacrificial pool
    my body in the water and my heart is in your hand
    so this is the way you choose to send me to the judgement land
    so you can’t move, move beat, go

    and every day I agree you throw me down by the christmas tree
    I watched your lights blink on and off while you start your fun with me
    I, I know your reasons and I, I know your goals
    we can fuck forever but you will never get my soul
    just so you can move
    so you can move
    so you can move
    so you can move so you can
    oohh… Sex beat

  2. koalarama Says:

    „hi, i am your fan and this is my record“ he said when meeting debbie harry for the first time after waiting at her doorstep for days.

    thanks for this wonderful track.

  3. koalarama Says:

    „Unter Wirklichkeitsdruck drohte alles sich in seine Bestandteile aufzulösen, Sehnsucht und Pragmatismus, Kunst und Kalkül, Kitsch und Kapitalismus. Da tauchte – 1983 – eine Rock’n Roll-Band auf. Eine leidenschaftliche, jammernde wie fordernde Rock-Band, also das sozusagen abgeschaffteste und erledigteste Programm des alten Authentizismus, und es war der Gun Club von Jeffrey Lee Pierce und sie sangen auf einer Platte mit dem altmodischen Titel »The Fire Of Love« Lieder von härteren Dingen, als unsere Selbst-Programme es sich träumen ließen. Eines hieß »She’s Like Heroin To Me« und ein anderes, das erste auf der ersten Seite, der Hit, war »Sexbeat«.“
    ( Diedrich Diederichsen in „Sexbeat“ )

  4. ohrensause Says:

    der kandidat hat 100 punkte. dd hat sich allerdings um 2 (bzw. 3) jahre vertan und die lieder, die er da aufzählt sind so ziemlich diejenigen, die mir auf der ersten platte am wenigsten gefallen. obwohl eigentlich sind alle songs gut darauf.

    p.s. das war idiot waltz von lucky jim, dem 1993er album von the gun club.

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