How many songs have you got on your ipod?

Recently I was in New York and I finally bought an ipod. The classic version which has 120 gb (111 gb to be correct). Now I have a problem which I wouldn’t have had immediately if the ipod still had a capacity of 180 gb as in the past. I have more music on the hard disk of my pc than fits on the ipod. So what I did was putting all artists from a to q in a playlist and synchronise it with the ipod. Whenever I listen to songs on the ipod now I rate them. One star means I really dislike the song, it will be deleted from the hard disk. Two stars means I don’t want to have it on the ipod but it can stay on the hd. Everything from 3 stars onwards stays on the ipod. In the past weeks I have rated well over 2,000 tracks. More than 600 got two stars. The last band I have added is Silver Jews. So I am slowly managing my way through my mp3 collection. At Christmas the latest I should arrive at Z and the ipod should include only music I like if everything works well. Right now I have 20,435 songs on it. Somehow I don’t believe that there are more than 20,000 good songs out there. And you? (first posted here)

2 Antworten to “How many songs have you got on your ipod?”

  1. mannaman Says:

    I just have 16g and therefore shuffle music on and off all the time. keeps me busy and my music in a nice rotation. but i currently am in love with audio books. Music on the train makes me nervous

  2. mannaman Says:

    ps: 8 yrs ago, 16gb was probably a decent hard drive in a new pc!

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