The Smiths – Wonderful Woman

One of the first songs by The Smiths, the b-side or actually c-side of the 12“ of their second single This Charming Man from October 1983 is a grave and slow ballad in minor. Besides the wonderful line

But when she calls me, I do not walk, I run

I absolutely adore how Morrissey bathes in sentiment in this song. He sing-sighs for most of the second half, a vocal style which will become one of his trademarks later on. He literally sighs the tune and it sounds more melodic and of course more melancholic and more emotional than if he had sung just the words. He surrenders himself completely. Something especially young men love(d) so much about Morrissey. Apparently the lyrics are about Linder Sterling, one of his best friends who sang in the post-punk group Ludus. Could it be that he sighs as he realises that they will never be a couple as he is not able to live with another person? Whatever this is definitely a love song from a man to a woman.

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